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  1. Just tried to look at the site of an Aliexpress seller I bought from in the past and the link to his site comes up "404" error. Did some more searching on key words of popular rep models which worked In the recent past to find sites with decent reps and they mostly come up empty. Anyone heard of a crackdown?
  2. So, now that China has devalued its currency to make its exports cheaper are we going to see a reduction in rep prices? The dollar and the euro are now worth more in Chinese currency.
  3. The rubber strap on my Porsche Diver 6780 broke. This seems to be a unique design and I have not found another strap that will fit the lugs. Contacted TDs who carry this watch and searched the internet. No one has a replacement strap that fits (except maybe a AD who will charge more than I paid for the rep). Also tried using a generic rubber strap and sanding and filing it to fit. No luck. What to do? There must be a number of reps that have proprietary straps and that can't be obtained. Any suggestions welcome.
  4. Been looking at new reps and I find it harder to find ones with gold (yellow gold) cases. The gold ones all seem to be rose gold, which I find less appealing. Is rose gold cheaper to make or is this just the current fashion? Or has rose gold been a big thing for a while and I just didn't notice?
  5. Need Replacement Quartz/Analog Movement

    Success! Took it to the local Indian (or Pakistani) watchmaker. There were, in fact, two batteries. The second one was well hidden in the movement. He spent a long time working on it and replaced both batteries for only $20. Such a deal. He didn't seem to have any problem working on a rep.
  6. Need Replacement Quartz/Analog Movement

    Here's the back of the movement. I replaced the CR2016 battery. I don't see a second. Not sure how to remove the stem to lif out the movement. Any suggestions?
  7. Need Replacement Quartz/Analog Movement

    Where would the second battery be, and how do you get to it?
  8. Need Replacement Quartz/Analog Movement

    It's in as far as it'll go.
  9. I got this Omega Speedmaster rep a while back. It's a cheapie and not particularly authentic, but I really like it (despite what anyone else mght think). The analog movement stopped working. I replaced the battery and the digital displays work fine, but the hands still won't move. The watch is dicontinued so I doubt the TD I bought it from can help me. I also doubt my local watchmaker would condescend to deal with a rep. I might be able to replace the movement myself, but I have no idea what movement I'm looking for or where to get it. Does anyone have any ideas on where to find a replacement movement or a watchmaker who can work on a digital/analog watch? I'd hate to just toss it. I'd even ship it back to China if someone there could repair it.
  10. Got one with the grey dial on aliexpress last month for $80 plus shipping. Quartz, of course.
  11. Aliexpress

    I've bought several inexpensive watches from Ali....$17 for an automatic skelton non-rep up to $80 for a Speedmaster quartz. All were of decent quality. Kept accurate time (including the mechanicals,probably 2813s.) Haven't needed to initiate a dispute. Communication is almost non-existent , dealers either don't answer questions or give two word answers. If watch isn't sent EMS it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive. Some dealers are in no hurry to ship once order is placed. Look for dealers with 95% plus reviews and longer track records. While TDs are much better to deal with, I have received three reps out of seven or eight that had to be sent back for obvious flaws (self-winding rotor that was frozen on a watch with a transparent back, date wheel that didn't advance , watch that lost 2 minutes a day and had a safety clasp that wouldn't stay on the band) so much for QA. TDs repaired watches but I had to pay for shipping. I'd recommend Ali for cheaper watches, but not for anything over $100. Also got a nice Mont Blanc fountain pen for $20.
  12. Omega Seamaster Bullhead?

    I have seen Omega Bullhead reps on sites that I've never heard of and may be scammers. Does anyone know of any TD or reputable dealer who has one? Yes, I know it's not to everyone's taste.
  13. Aliexpress question

    What's 3D security?
  14. Aliexpress question

    Since there seems to be a lot of activity by members on Aliexpress I thought someone can provide some insight. I've purchased several reps on Ali and been very satisfied. Good quality, Low prices and love the free shipping. But, I recently placed an order using the same credit card I used the time before. This time my order was closed "due to security concern". I submitted a protest and got no response. Another time I signed on and got an "invalid parameter " message . No explanation . Signed on again and had no problem. I just made a purchase and my payment was refused. Then I signed on again and checked my order and the payment was "successful".... at least so far. It might be refused next time I check. Has anyone else had payments refused without explanation? We're you able to resolve the issue or get ANY response? Any way to deal with this?