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  1. It's almost as if there was a surplus of blank DW watches
  2. You remember, £6 each and came on a red and blue nato strap. Well, the battery has finally died on one of mine (I brought 3!) and for the life of me I can't get the back off to replace it! Does it pop off or is it on a thread? I've tried levering, I've tried a bluetac ball but nothing is shifting it. Can you help? Cheers.
  3. 45mm PO on a Hirsch black calf strap with white stitching. Looks fine on my wrist. http://www.hirschstraps.com/ (Apologies for the crap photo)
  4. What do you guys do for a living?

    I work for London Midland based at Bletchley. Duty Traincrew Manager which you'd probably know better as a TCS. I know a few VT drivers so we may have mutual friends.
  5. Telling people your rep is a gen

    Only ever had one comment and that was whilst wearing a 45mm orange bezel PO. "Nice PO" "Thanks" End of conversation.
  6. I know I shouldn't..

  7. I know I shouldn't..

    I already did in the Feedback section
  8. I know I shouldn't..

    I was very surprised at how quick it actually arrived.
  9. I know I shouldn't..

    ..but I just can't help myself! I've got a superb Milgauss incoming from Germany and I keep checking the tracking number every day! I know it's not going to be here for at least a week but I'm too weak to resist!! I'm like a kid at christmas. Anyone else the same?
  10. Twofake, many thanks for that but I'm afraid my technical know-how and eyesight prevent me even considering that as an alternative. Same with the movement swap! I may possibly contact Michelle and see what she has to say, after all, it's less than 2 weeks old. Thanks!
  11. Brought a cheapo 21j PO from Sillix. It's worked fine for a few weeks but today I tried to set the time after leaving unworn for a couple of days. I can screw in and unscrew the crown fine, no problem with that. I can pull it out and adjust the date, again no problem. When I pull it out a third time to adjust the time it doesn't move the hands. It feels like there's some 'springy' resistance when pulling it all the way out and I'm loathe to pull any more or even harder in case I cause any damage. Any ideas on a fix? I'd rather not send it back to China, I don't think it's worth the expense. Cheers all and Merry Christmas!
  12. Best Strap To Use With 42 Omega Planet Ocean

    I have the one pictured at the bottom I can sell. Its 22mm though If it fits the 45mm PO and no-one else wants it I might be interested.
  13. Frank Muller Crazy Hours

    I must be a clown.... Great watch. Gets loads of looks and strangers will ask you about it. The hour jump is a great talking point.