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  1. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    I hope if they find out their attorney or doctor isn’t qualified they just keep seeing them even after they don’t get the correct qualifications. That is what they’re doing with Mickey.
  2. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Pointing out that people are lying about why they were banned is now described as a witch hunt and anyone that believes people should be banned for malfeasance is now medieval since modern societies have gotten rid of this sort of thing a long time ago....
  3. But you can only keep 3!

    I’d pick my balls back
  4. Identify this watch

    I have a watch that says Swiss made. Actually quite a few. They’re Swiss.
  5. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Are people at the geek really gullible enough to believe this shit?
  6. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    He’s sent so many watches back to China I think their customs thought he was the dealer selling reps to China. Can’t have that.
  7. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    He lives at the bottom of the marianas trench
  8. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    There no way in hell im giving my ID to anyone related to shipping replica watches anywhere. If it were me I’d rather lose the money
  9. Yorkshire spring GTG 2018

    I would love to but I’m still needing these kidneys.
  10. Gen Rolex opportunity

    These threads always make it seem like we’re taking about buying a house. It’s just a Rolex
  11. Joined after 2 years at RWI

    Not RWI,!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. There goes the neighborhood

    That’s what I see.
  13. Disappointing threads.

    I think it’s a certain certified watchmaker.