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  1. Wow theses are like Thailand bad back in the 1990s
  2. Fake or replica

    I would say you have the below definitions. Real = A mug willing to spend thousands on an often overpriced bit of mass produced watch that get annoyed every time someone says "is that a fake". Fake = Someone who has saved thousands and likes the aesthetics and likes the idea of bucking the system a little. At the end of the day you often get what you pay for so if you buy a gen you buy it for your own reasons.
  3. My little PAM collection...

    lol that looks more like a dealers shop window!
  4. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    HaHa for about 7 days in the year yae they do ;)
  5. TC Subs still available?

    LOL Glad I got two before he closed up. Best reps I have.
  6. Gen Navitimer crown fallen off

    Lol this is where you find out its really a rep
  7. Markets Raided by the police in china

    Nice pics
  8. Terrible Looking Fakes

    LOL can't even get the bezel on straight.
  9. Genuine Wrist Check - June 17

    Whenever I see this thread always really just want to take a pic of one of my reps and post it to see if any of the rest of you call it out.
  10. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    Happy to bid or buy anything if the money is going to a good cause
  11. Gen Pan Straps going cheap

    You can stick that comment up ur arse ;)
  12. Gen Pan Straps going cheap

    The reason I did not post a link was due to the fact he is selling lots of straps and they are all on different pages. Some good deals going on, I was very tempted. Worth checking out anyway,
  13. Gen Pan Straps going cheap

    You want a fucking link to eBay? If you can't do a simple search for a pam strap on eBay then you don't deserve to find the straps. Oh yea thanks for saying thanks for me letting you know about the deals!
  14. Sorry for asking the 2nd worst question... best daytona?

    I had that watch, you can see a good review in the rolex section. Is it any good - Yes. Its tells are its a bit thicker than the gen and the pushers extend out a little far. I only sold my one as it was a scratch magnet and I have a TC KH Yacht Master. Overall its a good rep and I am sure you will like it. I had the fully working version with the mod movement. It was pretty reliable for me.
  15. What do you have incoming?

    JLC Navy Diver from m2m They are a good watch, I sold one on a gen strap on m2m recently.