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  1. TC Sub LV Extreme, $739?

    lol "you will see the production precision/consistency, maturity in workmanship, and everything else is still night and day difference between the Ocean Rover to the TCs." This sounds EXACTLY how TC explained his latest upgrades on his blog!
  2. Yorkshire spring GTG 2018

    Count me in.
  3. Harrods Black Bay Limited Edition

    Is the blue one the Tesco black bay limited edition and the green one the ASDA black bay limited edition?
  4. PM not working?

    Yep PM is working. I obviously just don't have any friends on RWG that want to respond :(
  5. PM not working?

    Hey guys, Can someone PM me to see if its working. I have a feeling its not.
  6. TC Sub replacement

    TC is no longer selling reps.
  7. TC Sub replacement

    Cool. Should be an interesting side by side comparison.
  8. TC Sub replacement

    Cool. I had the TC Sub LV but I sold it to Met earlier this year. If you fancy doing a side by side comparison and as we are in the same town just let me know. It will be interesting to do a TC vs JF showdown.
  9. TC Sub replacement

    Thanks Greg, Ill look into getting one for him. Ill do this if pickledbeetroot is up for doing it. Not sure if his is a normal one or an LV
  10. TC Sub replacement

    Hmmm, I might have to meet up when you're next in town and compare it to my TC 16610 . My brother is looking for one and with TC out of action it looks like this is the next best thing. We could do some side by side pics and do a TC vs JF comparison if you want?
  11. TC Sub replacement

    Had a BK in the past. Not overly convinced he adds that much value
  12. TC Sub replacement

    Hey Guys, So we all know TC is out of the sub game. I seem to remember someone mentioning another maker was doing decent sub reps. So the question... who is doing the best sub? lol, I’ll let the fireworks start and the comments role.
  13. Thinking of ditching the APs

    Hmm so I am sort of finding that I am not really feeling any love for my APs. Both a super reps and awesome watches but I just don't use them much.... Any thoughts on any other super reps that are new that any of you guys have recently picked up? It would be good to see some ideas
  14. TC v6 bezel assembly sitting high?

    Yes you can. TC used a gasket that was thicker than the gen. Basically he could not get one that was the gen sizing (he confirmed it to me ages ago in an email).
  15. Rep collection cost vs gen

    So I have just totted up how much my 9 super reps have cost. £3,600 aprox!! This is with gen straps, a gem deployment buckel + a few mods etc. The equivalent gen collection acordeing to Chrono24 would be £60,000. The two APs are £35,000 of that. So the other 7 are a more modest £25,000 lol So guys how much have you spent + what would your collection be worth if it were gen?