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  1. New IWC Portofino (picture heavy)

    Sorry to mislead you - I'll still be keeping the original strap for whenever I want to wear a tan deployment! I was thinking of replacing it with just a regular black gator strap. I was looking at some of the IWC-style ones they do at thewatchboys but they're out of stock at the minute..
  2. New IWC Portofino (picture heavy)

    ^ Is there a way to fix them or does the date wheel have to be replaced? It was a tough choice between this and the one you mention. Hope you put up some pics when it arrives, I'll keep my eyes peeled on the forum! Thanks guys. Like I say I think I'll swap the bracelet for a black gator one soon, I'll probably put up some new pictures if I do. Next on the hit list is either the Ingénieur Laureus Sport for Good (seen a rep posted here and it looks awesome!) or a Rolex Milgauss I think.
  3. New IWC Portofino (picture heavy)

    Here's my new IWC Portofino, received today 2892 automatic movement, it's very nice. Ordered 4 or 5 days ago from Josh (Perfect Clones) for $278 (plus shipping) - perfect service and no complaints whatsoever. Full spec is here - http://www.p-cls.com...92-p-12364.html Only flaws I can find so far on the watch without having opened up the back are 1) that the letters "I W C" are slightly too far apart on the face, and 2) some of the dates on the date wheel are slightly off, or misaligned in relation to each other. But that's it! I must say I'm very impressed with the overall build quality of this watch. It's known as a 'super rep' and I can see why! I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking for that, though. I think I'll swap the bracelet fairly soon for a black gator one without the deployment clasp. This one's fine for the mean time though
  4. Received a watch from Josh today, my reference number never worked on DHL! Be patient and it'll come.
  5. Just got my first rep from Joshua at PC after receiving QC pics 4 days ago. Very, very pleased with overall quality and attention to detail, and excellent customer service throughout! Hopefully I'll get some time to take better pics this evening, here's one from the iPhone for now though
  6. Please, help me choose!

    +1 There's a big difference in quality
  7. Why This Hobby Just Isn't For Me

    ^Ha. Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience but just from looking around this forum you can see that they're very infrequent..
  8. Advice for Noobs Concerning 1st orders

    Ha. Because of the large number of UK members here I might as well ask; does anyone know a rep-friendly UK watchsmith (preferably up north?)
  9. Advice for Noobs Concerning 1st orders

    Well, as a new member here I found this post very relevant And as you identified, I have indeed (like many others, I'm sure) found this forum and gone straight to the trusted dealers list to purchase a watch. Thanks to this post and others on the forum I am keeping a cool head regarding delivery times etc. As it was my first experience with a rep and a TD I didn't venture more £ than I could afford to lose, anyway. +1 for stickiness btw, useful post.
  10. Lume !! are you bothered ??

    Forget vintage watches ..they were never intended to be lumed unless there were diver's of course. I agree.
  11. it had to happen one time, customs

    Check the laws in your country before answering the letter. I'm based in the US and it is not illegal to own or buy replica (counterfeit) merchandise here. It is only illegal to sell. I'm not sure how things work in Europe but if Rolex told me that I needed to pay a fine I'd get a good kick out of that. Like I said, I'm basing this off of US laws but a corporation cannot impose a fine on anyone who they don't have an agreement with under contract of some sort. I can't imagine things working differently elsewhere in the civilized world. I think it's just a way to scare people out of buying a replacement rep. This. No claim in tort either, as that would be against the seller. I suppose you have technically aided and abetted a crime by purchasing a rep but still, I really wouldn't worry. At least not in the UK. Hope this all works out for you. I am guessing from the title of this thread that you already have a decent amount of reps
  12. dress watch

    I was recently in the market for something similar. Although I ended up going with an IWC Portofino (from Josh) I agree that the JLC Master Control is a v. classy watch edited - spelling
  13. Thank you, and you're right, I should have searched first. Is the QC aspect just a formality then? Or is it quite normal to not be happy with a particular rep and request to see a different one? Thanks
  14. Hi, sorry to be asking a question with my first post instead of contributing. Could someone confirm the typical order process for dealing with Perfect Clones (via the trusted dealers list)? Does it go 1. choose watch 2. pay 3. see pics 4. delivery Or are 2. and 3. the other way round? Basically, is there the option to see what you'd be buying before you've paid. Many thanks