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  1. Jeweller refused to pressure test

    You got unlucky so now the universe owes you one. Go ahead and swim with it, it will be fine. In all seriousness there are more people here who just jump in the pool with their reps and have had no problem, than there are members who have had to report back about fogging. Your chances are better than even that you won´t fuck up your watch. .
  2. cancel purchased from toro?

    Congratulations on your purchase of three new watches! Please check your email for your tracking numbers and thank you for shopping Toro! .
  3. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    I put some boards up on the wall and invited company over. .
  4. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    If you spend your days in a cubicle that would be true but in the company boardroom, not so much. Context is everything
  5. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    I love the "across the room" comments. These people are the antipode of "who makes the best sub?" Part and parcel of any rep forum.
  6. According to the People´s Bulletin of Industrial Planning, Vol. XXXIV, Sec. 4873, Misc Itms INTNL EXPORT, Watches and Jewelry, the projected date for replication exercise 7740000343201, Mare Nostrum, Panerai, reference 00716 is August 16, 2017. In other words........ tomorrow. Cheers.
  7. Agreed. It is worth saying that it is easy to screw things up but to suggest it can´t be done is silly. Just using instructional videos , decent tools, and clean well lit workspace, many people here, including myself, have replaced movements, dials, hands, fixed detached rotors, etc. I have also repaired keyless works and more than a few have serviced entire movements. Chinese replicas are a great way to get into a fascinating world precisely because they are relatively inexpensive and most are willing to risk it, something few amateurs would do with a genuine luxury watch. To each his own.
  8. If it doesn´t have pubic hair in it, it´s not a genuine Chinese replica. Or it was made by a pre-pubescent child, and that´s not good, especially if you get one made at th end of the 16 hour shift. Pubes are a sort of quality assurance stamp. .
  9. DHGate Winner!!

    Where´s the additional pics OP was going to post?!!!! .
  10. the thing there is still no way around is losing the image in the original location. For example, I had a thread on my house restoration project, years of photos, my only choice would be to go back and edit all my old posts with new links... AND that goes for a shitload of other people´s tutorials, informative/review threads, Photobucket just made thousands of threads completely useless. .
  11. Chinese websites

    There used to be lots of sex in the shoutbox, guys talking each other off, sometimes five or six at a time, but it seems to have fallen out of favor.... .
  12. Chinese websites

    Ofcourse I understand the need of a middle man, I was just wondering if there was an alternative... I'll follow the advise that you guys give me and I am about to purchase my first watch from a TD. Just a quick note about the VIP membership... really that is a way to support the forum. If you buy some watches and use the forum a lot, for information and to satisfy the obsession this can become, and you find friends and fellowship, then the membership is a way to give back a little and help pay the costs of the forum. Greg runs the forum as a non-profit enterprise for all of us and at the end of the year any funds that aren´t spent on forum expenses are used to buy some watches that are raffled off to members. Also, if you get VIP status you can talk back to the moderators without consequences.... .
  13. My theory is that they are in decline and they see the writing on the wall, or can´t see a way to make the business make real money, and decided to cash in by holding everyone´s years and years of pictures ransom.... some will pay up, and when they have milked it for all they can, they will disappear (because no one NEW is going to sign up at $300 a year for their shitty service). So people will have paid AND they will be fucked. That´s my gguess. .
  14. Something wrong...?

    I mean, look at this
  15. Something wrong...?

    Me too, I started with the Rolex SD, then for years didn´t have any, now I have a ceramic sub, milgauss, and plan on getting the new Oyster Perpetual. .