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  1. Franken project begins

    Press fitted, as it can be removed and reinstalled, but not easily. Also, those pix don't look "bad" just improper. Are the parts missing (I'm on my phone and can't see well) or just not in the expected position ? See, the 7750 MUST be fully assembled in one, and only ONE way, if one part is off, everything is off (referring to 7750 w/chrono function) Too many clutch/yoke/spring/gears to be manipulated, if not set perfect the first time, will NEvER work from there on out. This isn't grandma's 6497
  2. need a few days guys, bear with me please

  3. White paint? Who the hell said that is color white!?!?!? They black son! Crayon, black paint, many many options on this one. To the OP: looks great!!! Well done!
  4. Ripped off? Hhmmmmm. We see how you operate don't we chris......
  5. Where do you live? If in US chris or I could fix the keyless easily. If in EU, talk to KenNy Cheers Michael
  6. Thank. You to those that replied. Jdoe, you owe me your first born!!!!
  7. QC pix received.....

    i gott bump this, because i needed something to make me happy, and THIS WATCH DID IT!!!!!! i miss it, and would give a leg for it back!!!!!!!!
  8. Watt, please email me your info. Also, EVERYONE, please look for a big change in my forum TONIGHT!!!! Watt, please email me your info. Also, EVERYONE, please look for a big change in my forum TONIGHT!!!!
  9. Bump before bed (yes, it's 3:23 am and I'm still working on watches! FML!)
  10. Absolutely true!! Ken, you are an excellent 'smith, and a true artist!! And frankly, an inspiration to me as well!! Awesome work as always!!!
  11. One of my favs!!! I search it all the time if I'm unsure of something. I recommend everyone save the link as a favorite!!
  12. Please please please.... EVERYONE, send me an email: to mikepmcnair@gmail.com Subject: my xxxxxxxx (fill in name of watch(s) here) body: Mike, here is my full shipping address and email and phone number... Please plead please allllllllllllllll send this to me so I have it ALL in one place ( my mobile email) so I can get 20-25 watches out in time to arrive for Christmas!!!!! Tomorrow is the deadline, and it WILL be there by Christmas!!! Also, if I have an outstanding invoice, please email that info in the body of the message, but I can tell almost all of you (with a few exceptions) simply owe me return shipping (2-day shipping to EU is about 13 dollars, so we are not talking a lot of money here. If you all see this, and email me, you WILL have your watch for Christmas!!! I have been working non fucking stop to try to wipe my entire queue out, and I'm dam close but some came in today, and 4 need to be picked up tomorrow from the post office. So, email me ladies, and get yer shit proppa!!!!!!!! Merry christmas all!!!!!! Michael
  13. Comparison of BK DSSD and MARY DSSD

    kenny, i would love to share my secret, but i will never!!!!! :P yours is awesome anyway bro!!! 5up3rman, you are absolutley thinking what i am!!! thus the reason i recommend buying roberts watch through me to most. this allows me to make sure the watch is perfect, and ensures the customer is happy with the purchae from Robert. we work together when possible.
  14. Comparison of BK DSSD and MARY DSSD

    Kenny is awesome!!!!!! His pearl is a little different than mine though (refer to earlier posts in this thread).
  15. She's here!

    wait, does this mean yer gonna bust all of us now that you are a gen dude? like, are you at WUS now instead of RWG? you've changed man, you've changed............ :P