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  1. KarmaTo Burn's collection 2017

    Very nice collection sir
  2. New week wristcheck 21/08/17

    Sent from my iPhone
  3. New UK Member and a few Questions

    Different TD next time .... These guys are not exactly patient or customer focussed The dealers are working on the edge and there is an element of gamble and risk with every transaction. 80% of my purchases have been fine - the others less than fine Once you have approved QC you have the hurdles of postage, tracking, customs, lubrication, sizing - Enjoy the journey into rep-land, great fun but not a smooth ride!
  4. customs issue

    EMS ePacket Just the luck of the draw, but to have four stalled for several weeks is unusual. I am expecting Parceforce to call me or or HM customs to write me a letter which will involve either a fee or I could receive a counterfeit goods notice which means I won't reply and they will destroy my watches Just part of the hobby
  5. customs issue

    I have had 4 items "awaiting uk customs clearance" for over three weeks. No calls or letters yet but the signs are not good. This is a risk of our hobby and it is certainly not restricted to Canada. Anyone else experiencing uk delays just now ?
  6. Vintage Bulova "Big Block" LED watch

    Reg is right - bargain 1970's kitsch is very collectable and I think that this is a statement piece
  7. Hong Kong

    I was there last week. For Brits the gens are not cheap - our GBP is shrinking. In TST it seems like every other shop is a watch seller! If you look into the window you will be approached by a guy offering "copy watch" , I never saw one that I felt matched a TD high end rep and the sellers are very insulted when you tell them they are shit. If you really want a Speedy research this place and look for the "tells " because I am sure I saw some reps in very credible shops. For fantastic (not cheap) Chinese food with a view try Hutong or the place just below Ozone on level 102 ! Star ferry is a must and Victoria Peak is worth a visit if you get a clear day. The ladies market and sneaker street are interesting - oh and get an Octopus card if you want to get around a lot. Enjoy
  8. Can I sell a Replica watch on this Site?

    So where are you going to add value and interest for the benefit of existing members ? I have a similar intuitive thought to Jibuti here Motives questionable for a first post ?
  9. PP World Time ... Help needed

    I got one from Tim (watchfinder) about a year ago with a 2824 movement Always best to ask the TD of your choice - or you could post a WTB ?
  10. IWC Big Pilot 5009 - GEN vs REP Comparison

    Excellent post
  11. who ate my pies ? Many thanks to the people who organised this, and to the people who made such an effort to get there .... FFS Graman came from Australia and it took less time than the bus from Yorkshire took to get around the M25. I left home with a train ticket and two watches, I went home with hiccups, 6 watches, three pens and many new friends Thank You guys
  12. two more attendees - please cross us off the no-show list of shame Oldbloke and Rolie, we didn't make it to the restaurant but stayed in the pub, because we knew how far away it was
  13. There is a rumour that Greg is here - but nobody has ever seen our leader and he is using a false name and a using strange accent It could be the bloke next to you ..... Or he could be disguised as a transvestite ? Or I could be on my way to the gulag ?