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  1. Fake Rolex Instagram ads?

    Mine keeps trying to sell me pills....
  2. Now here's a B&R I can get behind...

    These could do with a proper acrylic, blue for me!
  3. There are numerous Explorer II models, so can't be sure to which you're referring - but it is true the replica boards are much more obsessed with vintage Subs, Daytonas, GMT's and even Explorer I's than any of the more contemporary models. That said, there are endless quality reps of the ExpII and I've enjoyed owning a few myself. You can find them for sale in M2M so people definitely own them, but because they're not really subject to customization, they aren't often discussed.
  4. Nice cheap Rolex Movement...........

    Clearly he dropped it on the tracks, and was taking the photo from the safety of the platform.
  5. Noob question about rules

    It all depends on the seller, you just need to pm them and ask to buy. If they don't sell to members with few or no posts, they usually will mention it in the ad. Not a dumb question, welcome Bjorns.
  6. Makara Sea Turtle cheap Massdrop

    I feel like if I get a bronze, I'll need a pipe and a parrot too. But this one is nicely austere, daf.
  7. The "post your Rolex" thread

    BK SD4000
  8. Is this a scam?

    I employ a Chinese woman who used to work HR at Foxconn as a debt collector. Her communications are not dissimilar to the one above, and she is deadly good at getting what's owed by sheer, dogged annoyance.
  9. Help an old man!!

    Wondered where you'd gone to DC, figured it was the new baby taking up your time, not photo hosting issues! But yeah, postimage.org all day long. Welcome home.
  10. Take a look at this damn thing!

    Lit up like a cockpit for sure! Have always fancied a Ball, and who doesn't love a gmt? Nice find.
  11. New week Wrist Check 11 Sept 17

    One handsome Hammy, indeed!
  12. Hello more pretties!

    Look great, man! So these are 36's replacing 40's? Love to see them side by side, the blue is swank.
  13. Invicta and Glycine

    Maybe you didn't have this in the UK or Europe, but in the States they did hours long infomercials that aired on, maybe QVC or something like that, in the early to mid 2000's, which were just so incredibly engrossing, it was the same format as used to sell those weird knife collections and samurai swords, everything said was completely over the top, and the bigger, uglier and tackier - the more sales. Shortly after the marketing campaign began, these things started showing up on the wrists of guys who also collected those hunting knives, they were invariably 50mm and up, and many of these dudes suddenly fancied themselves serious watch collectors, but only of Invicta. It was almost like a cult. I compared it then to people who collected Kinkade prints (feel free to go down that rabbit hole on Google, if you'd like). It just turned into a gonzo lifestyle product for a certain type of American, and it made the guy who bought Invicta very, very rich. But it also turned a whole lotta people who didn't have wheels on their house, and a wardrobe made up 70% of camouflage, off. I am, of course, engaging in a bit of hyperbole here to get my point across. I'm not sure if the company does those infomercials anymore, or who their target customer is nowadays, but for people of a certain age, during that certain time, Invicta was kind of a dividing line of taste. An inside joke to some, a fun hobby to others. Whatever it was, Invicta created the polarization themselves, and laughed all the way to the bank. They weren't trying to sell watches to people who already had a collection, they were creating brand loyalists who had never owned anything before other than a Timex. I would assume there's still at least one Invicta-only forum around, it was quite a brilliant marketing cult.