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  1. Help me pick a Submariner

    Don`t worry Assholemaster2 will be along shortly :D
  2. Glasgow Summertime GTG 2017

  3. Please help a newbie!

    Ahh I see now, great thank you :-) you sent me a message I replied you deleted it now Do you still require assistance or is it sorted :)
  4. Sorry for asking the 2nd worst question... best daytona?

    Not a review. Moved to General Discussion.
  5. Not a review. Moved to General Discussion.
  6. Bamford?

    Not a review. Moved to General Discussion.
  7. Hello from Brooklyn NY !!

    Not this Lol, what a joke of a forum. Like I have to earn your approval , that's funny. Fuck y0v d!ckh3ad Well that`s see how you get on outside of the new members section. By the way I have removed your avatar as NSFW images are not allowed outside iabounty land. (Sec 8)
  8. AP Dealers ?

    Not a review. Moved to General Discussion.
  9. JohnG`s fleshlight testing room ?
  10. How has your hardlex crystal held up?

    Have many Seiko`s with hardlex crystals and not had any issues. The SKX would be a good choice as Daywatch has mentioned the crystal is recessed.
  11. 1st timer here

    Not an introduction so moved
  12. Hello All!

    Note I said QUALITY posts :ninja:
  13. Hello All!

    Hello There is a sales section that becomes visible after 5 quality posts. Join in a bit, maybe post some pictures and you will be at 5 posts before you know it. 50 posts or VIP and you will be eligible to sell. Selling outwith the rules and the m2m area is not allowed. cheers