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  1. Gen,Rep or POS

    Look at how the bracelet is hinged to the end link. I don't recall one that was hinged by the outerlinks, rather than the typical inner bracelet link into the endlink. I'll eventually get to see it and I'll know what's up when I do.
  2. Gen,Rep or POS

    I was kidding about it being a POS. The bracelet looks strange though. Looks hinged by the outer links, and doesn't look like it fits well.
  3. Gen,Rep or POS

    My friend was gifted this Breitling by his brother. DW isn't sunken, but it sort of looks like crap and something looks way wrong with the bracelet. What say you RWG?
  4. Citizen EcoDrive Blue Angels AT8020-03L

    I have the exact same one, very cool watch.
  5. Let's see the Two Tones

    Gen Tag Link Chrono
  6. Another strap for a mate, like? dislike?

    Other than being simple, holes that are punched crooked, uneven taper to the point, hacked up opening for the buckle, I don't care for the style.
  7. Inbound by customs?

    The illuminati, trump and CNY have conspired to keep you from your TD? When I see CNY I always think of Crosby, Nash, and young which would not be as good as CSN. Pretty sure it's just CNY. I'm not getting any responses to my emails. Which I understand I'll wait until it's over.
  8. Inbound by customs?

    Well I have a watch from a TD that shipped Dec 13th and it still says origin post is preparing shipment. Never had one take this long to hit state side and the CNY is preventing me from contacting the TD.
  9. removed but reinstated by the power

    If it's "the end of the world," nobody is really going to give a rats rear-end about a watch. Since watches represent a civilization, so to speak, and are near the peak of Maslov's hierarchy, rather than the base. My guess is you wouldn't get much for any watch if it were "the end of the world." I think you missed my point. Obviously if it's the end of the world no one will care about your watch and certainly won't care if it's rep or gen. My point is simply that if ones family is in danger or they find thier family in grave financial ruin, people will do things that go against thier morality. I don't put anything past anyone is ultimately what I'm getting at.
  10. removed but reinstated by the power

    If it was the end of the world people would kill thier neighbor if it meant thier family would survive. People will do anything depending on how dire the situation is.
  11. A super rep collection

    LMPO,H fac Skyland, Blackbay will help round that out.
  12. V2 Noob No Date Submariner

    The white bezel paint and pearl are a dead give away from more than an arms length.
  13. That's weird, did you buy it new or M2M? Brand new ZF. The good one with the 2824. Just got it a few weeks ago. It's a great watch, that was just strange for sure. Good thing I always grease the case back gasket first thing.
  14. The case back on my BB came very loose. It also had two gaskets on the back, it should only have 1. I took one out greased it and put the case back on nice and snug. I've gone swimming many times with it now. If I hadn't done this I'm sure a ton of water would have gotten in.
  15. Submariner noob v7

    The v7 does not need this mod. It sits pretty much identical to gen right from the factory.