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  1. Best AP Diver

    I would recommend getting a version with a2824 movement to get better reliability and no rotor noise (associated with miyota movements).
  2. Noob V7 Submariner A2836 from Chazingtime

    Aligning the rehaut is pretty straight forward once you've opened the caseback. Just release tension from the two screws holding the movement to the case and gently rotate in desired direction - tighten screws again and reinstall the caseback. I would however recommend you send it to someone with knowledge and equipment for pressure testing. Then you know for sure if the watch is waterproof or not.
  3. Genuine Wrist Check - July 17

    Oversized watches are getting more and more out of style. Just look at recent releases from manufacturers such as Omega and Tudor (both adding 38mm watches to their lineup). Besides all that the reduced speedy looks great on your wrist! :thumbsup:
  4. ROLIE saved my franken Datejust and Sub

    It sure is......
  5. ROLIE saved my franken Datejust and Sub

    Yeah, surprisingly fast. Them blokes at Royalmail did well :-)
  6. Why DHL is EVIL

    Why are you responsible these costs: - 13.50 EUR for DHL "generic administrative fees" - 80 EUR for DHL "customs revision administrative fees"
  7. New Week Wrist Check - 10th July 2017

    Testing out my new Canon 85mm 1.2L II lens. Just wow, the aperture is crazy giving some incredible "bokeh".
  8. Show us your frankens

    How much did that build run you? It looks like the only non-gen parts are the movement and plexi About 1250 usd incl movement switch to gen eta (was a clone in it when I bought it). I also don't have gen bracelet should I point out
  9. Show us your frankens

    Rolex Datejust 16013 - gen mid case - gen case back - gen dial - gen gold fluted bezel - gen gold crown - gen ETA 2824 movement - Clark 25-135 plexi
  10. So both my Rolex watches were in great need of a service and ROLIE came through with his fine skills bringing my watches to life again. Superfranken Datejust 16013 So first off my superfranken Datejust 16013 which is a StoneP build. StoneP is atleast previously renowned for high quality franken builds. However Rolie found a number of corners that were cut during this build which are pretty baffling considering the premium we are paying for these StoneP franken watches. A small word of warning to all members considering StoneP builds... Luckily they were all fixable and to give you an idea of the mess: Dial was improperly installed causing it to move whenever crown was unscrewed from tube Crown being unscrewed from stem when setting time Wrong calendar spacer used causing damage to calendar gears Rolie installed a gen ETA 2824 to complete the corrections. Sub No-date V7 Secondly my No-date Sub V7 had a faulty movement which Rolie replaced with gen ETA 2824. Rolie also modded the ETA movement to have 2-step crown action (winding - time setting) to mimic the gen movement. Rolie also pressure tested it. All this was done in under a week with fast and secure returnshipping so I can truly say I recommend Rolies services to everyone!!
  11. NEW: Rolex Noob V7 114060 "No-date" with SA3131

    Just email him or any other TD. They have access to the same inventory but not everything ends up on their websites.
  12. NEW: Rolex Noob V7 114060 "No-date" with SA3131

    The lume is actually applied really well and has correct color and is also pretty strong.