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  1. Completely agree. It was like the factory wanted to put a mirror on my wrist lol.. I want to send it to Kenny for a lume treatment to complete it but I just ordered one of those newer speedy's & think I need to take it easy on my wallet for a while
  2. How it was originally... And then.... Totally worth it.
  3. Link here: http://www.hautetime.com/flying-a-private-jet-for-free-just-for-wearing-your-hublot/85314/ Figured it'd be funny if someone here gave it a try lol I mean what's the worst that can happen
  4. Anyone have a A9300 movement?

    I'm just curious to know how reliable they are.. I watched a video on one of the TD websites and when he reset the watch it went to like 10 o'clock instead of 12 lol... I really want the watch though.. Even if you haven't bought the watch..do you think I should and let others know? Or just get a regular cloned ETA decorated to the 8500? I'm on the fence of either getting a speedy or Chrono PO too. I've had two POs already and still have one. What should I do? Thanks folks
  5. Opinion - rep SA3132 vs 2824

    Soooo, if you knew a guy who owns a machine shop, would things be easier? I know a guy who does aerospace stuff so his tolerances are always super tight.
  6. Just got my 438... Quick question

    But in the first position, only the hour hand moves. So if I move it clockwise, it'll advance and the other direction will just make the hour hand go back an hour. So to change the date I have to go passed 12 twice and reverse direction to change the date back but the GMT stays in the same position. I can cover it with the hour hand and move them together in the second position but .......... Nevermind lol it just clicked in my head. I have to set the GMT with the second position and then use the first position to change the standard hour. Niiiice lol love this thing
  7. For any of you who've had a Panerai with a GMT function... How do I set that hand? Lol it's my first GMT and I'm scared to damage the movement. One click out, independent hour hand/date, two clicks out and I can adjust the time. Is there a third? I had stripped a previous crown before and I'm trying to avoid that..
  8. I have a Seiko with a loose rotor. There's a display back so I know that's what it is. I have a repair kit from Amazon but I'm not sure what tool to use. It looks like I need a flathead? Do I just turn it "righty tighty"? Second question.. is there any software you recommend to download that checks the accuracy of a watch? I've been using an app but it doesn't work well enough for me to feel confident in adjusting my watches just yet..... Thanks folks
  9. Another rep sold on the Bay

    Here's the link http://r.ebay.com/F4pPJV or https://m.ebay.com/itm/253141281876 I reported it when I first saw it, then noticed it again in my "recently viewed" section...wow, it even is pictured with the name of the factory that makes it and still sold for $2k lol amazing
  10. Speedmaster advice

    Lol I think you are right.. My mistake, totally thought there was a bigger version.
  11. Speedmaster advice

    I searched multiple TD websites, and all have it showing 41.5/42 but trustytime's.. I even emailed one and they confirmed it. The factories also use the same movement in the new chrono PO and if they use the same case as the variation of the DSOTM that was recently released, all they have to do is leave out a PVD treatment and there's the 44.5 version's case... They look similarly shaped. There's also two sizes in the gen version so that's why my hopes are high
  12. Speedmaster advice

    Sooo, I learned that the watch here http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_81&products_id=17681 Is only 41.5mm... I want the 44.5mm version of this watch because I think it'll be more proportional. It's almost 20mm thick!!! At 45mm it'll look a lot better imo. (I've been working out, so I think it's time to see if I can handle a big watch lol) Anyways, should I just give in to my urge to buy this thing as is..or should I wait for another release? They've been putting out a ton of speedies lately, so logic is telling me, the factory will use that same movement in a few other variations. Maybe they'll release a decent DSOTM for once lol..or of course, the 44.5 version I'm dying to own What should I do? Buy it? (Still not sure if it'll be the black or white dial version/kind of scared of the white one because the date wheel is experiencing an overcast lol shadowed galore..but I do need a white dialed watch, all I wear is black)...tmi? Sorry lol But yea, or I could just wait and hope one will be released?
  13. Is Trump's hair fake?
  14. I wish I had your problem lol
  15. Not entirely sure if this is a scam...........

    I wanted to share something similar. I seen this in my news feed.. Looks totally fake imo. And just a tad bit fugly https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/24-hour-special-hublot-461289f0-6b6b-4ce7-8cc9-d8c5c4fb67db/hublot-big-bang-tourbillon-manual-wind-345-pl-5190-lr-0901-store-display