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    Family, Pets, Friends, Movies, Music, Gardening, Reef Keeping, Appreciation for all that God has given me, .... and of course "Watches"
  1. Hello Everyone

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.... Scorpion your advice of running away is probably wise, but I think it's too late. I think I'm hooked. Already previewing watches for my wife, setting the stage for future purchases for me. I figure if I get her a nice watch she'll be a little more lenient on me when I purchase the next 3 that I have my eye on for me? That ever work for anyone.
  2. Does anyone use a watch winder?

    I use a watch winder on my most of my frequently worn watches that I switch out throughout the week, others I let wind down. The rule of thumb was to keep automatics running so as not to let the lubricant pool migrating away from their locations thus causing wear on the mechanisms later after the watch is started up again.That problem may have been more of an issue with the type of oils used in vintage watches, but modern movements should be using lubricants ressistent to pooling or becoming thick without use. That said letting your automatic run down shouldn't hurt but if you are wearing the watch off and on frequently I think it's better to keep it running and avoid wear and tear on the crown pulling it out for winding repetitively. I'm sure their are numerous posts with different opinions on the use of watch winders and no one is going to be wrong or right about their use. Everyone's situation is different and so will be their opinion. Let's take a vote.....
  3. It would be kind of a cool watch to have in someone's collection, just not mine.
  4. New Gen Rolex 14060M

    Truly one of the most classic watches of all time. Love it! Congrats!
  5. Clone Movement of ETA 2836-2 ?

  6. Hello Everyone

    Found it and posted my positive feedback for Andrew at Trusty Time Watches. Still getting the lay of the land here at RWG. Thanks Ramirr!
  7. Hello Everyone

    My name is John, I am from a suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois USA. I have always had an attraction to watches and have recently become more obsessed with them. I am greatfull to have found this forum and am impressed with the wealth of information and knowledge from it's members and moderators. I recently made a purchase from a recommended dealer, Trusty Time Watches at ttw888.com and couldn't be more pleased with the whole experience. Thank you RWG! Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere specific on this forum that I should be posting a positive review for Andrew at Trusty Watches?
  8. In A Gen Watch Dilemma

    I would go for the SS Sub. I wear a rep SS Sub and everyone thinks its a Gen. Now in my position at work an $8,000 dollar watch is doable for me. I would stay away from watches more expensive because they fall out of my financial status. The Rolex Sub is a classic and a great watch to begin your collection of Gens. Someday you will get the gen PO. In the meanwhile get a rep PO and the gen Sub. Just my opinion.