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  1. my new jf rolex and green rubber b

    last week ,i have got my new razor blades and white shaving c , it is amazing
  2. Fake smurf?

    True that. But maybe they felt blue ;-)
  3. Fake smurf?

    According to the description, it's an aftermarket bezel (and a refinished dial), because the watch shall "mimic" the white gold model. Apart from the bezel and the dial, it looks legit (e.g. rehaut is definitely gen).
  4. Watch international ??? Where Rochest gone???

    Right after they got shitcanned I emailed them about an rwg watch, knowing they still had stock and would have trouble moving them since they are not TDs anymore. Tried to charge me a higher price than when first released. Fuck em. Just going on a limb here, but there's a Luthier connection. He helped bring WI on board and was very protective of them over the years. My thinking is that when Luthier decided to get his nose out of joint and exited here, he talked trash and butt hurt to WI. Rochest helped him out by taking the RWG watches off his hands. However, the poison had been seeded by Luthier, then the RWG watch did not sell well and Rochest got prejudiced against RWG. His decision, but not his best. Not as complicated as that. Mary was a great dealer. She got married and handed the business over to her new husband (Rochest) to run. Rochest is an asshat and not even 5% as good a dealer as Mary was. Simplez. The bad-tempered banjo mechanic was rather incidental to the above, frankly. Mary not only married an asshat but also lost her business to that very asshat? Lightning obviously strikes twice...
  5. Is this Noob Sea Dweller a good version?

    If you really care: The fat hour hand is wrong for this model. The date could be more centered. The SEL fitment (at six, right side) could be better, but this could also only be the angle/light. Because of the wrong hour hand, it seems to be the first batch of Noob V2 if the bezel numbers already have silver paint (which is difficult to see). Other than that, it looks perfectly ok.
  6. 6 Figure Watches..... Why?

    It's also a kind of "magical thinking". Some people seem to believe - some unconciously - that the mere fact that a famous person wore a certain watch or sweat-shirt or drove a certain car or whatever "radiates" into the item as such - and radiates back to the new owner...
  7. Kuvarsit.watch or Kuvarsit.me ???

    Avoid swisstime.sr by all means. They are scammers exclusively using photos of genuine watches. There is no such thing as a "Swiss Replica". You have to stick to the trusted dealers mentioned in this forum, otherwise you will either end up receiving no watch at all for your money or utter crap in the USD50 price range for USD 1,300. Please just read the numerous threads in the forum, it will help your cause...
  8. Bulova dress watch for my brothers wedding

    Hi, My personal opinion: If a Bulova, always one with the ultra high frequency quarz. This was always the competitive edge of Bulova (super smooth sweep). A 21j Automatic Bulova is nothing special and will sweep-wise most probably be no match for the quarz. However, I agree that the 2nd one is too busy. I would go with the "classic" Accutron II, e.g. this one: http://www.amazon.com/Bulova-Accutron-Surveyor-Stainless-Steel/dp/B00I6BKFB4/ref=sr_1_20?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1446633998&sr=1-20&nodeID=7141123011&keywords=bulova+accutron
  9. Upgraded movement...?

    Don't upgrade to a 3135 clone. The movement is consdidered to be less reliable than an "undecorated" Asian 2824 or Asian 2836 (just search it, there are many posts here). If you are into movements, you should consider to buy a BK Sub (TD here, "base watch" is a Noob V5) with a swiss movement. On the other hand, don't buy a "swiss movement" - other than a Sellita SW200 or SW220 from any other TD. Otherwise, you will most probably end up with an old, fixed ETA movement where parts have been interchanged - or with no ETA-movement at all (again, just search). Regarding JF or TF Subs: I would stick with Noob if I were you...
  10. How To Remove Your Desk Dives

    Tx! This should be permanently pinned, it worked for me and is really helpful!
  11. Watch related gift

    Very nice! Two conclusions: 1. You are most probably no vampire 2. It's a gen Pam (otherwise it would disappear in the mirror, unless it's a rep mirror)
  12. The "Speedmaster Price Standard"...

    Thanks! This is what I was looking for..
  13. The "Speedmaster Price Standard"...

    Hm... Okay.... My last sentence was supposed to be a subtle encouragement for eager and ambitious members to jump in and cover the boring and time-consuming statistics... "Supposed to be" is the key phrase here....Apparently it was neither subtle nor encouraging
  14. Not a brand new article, but interesting nevertheless IMO (please forgive me if already posted, I did not have any hits with the search function): http://www.trends.watch/the-rise-of-watch-prices-omega-and-the-speedmaster-standard-part-1/ http://www.trends.watch/the-rise-of-watch-prices-omega-and-the-speedmaster-standard-part-2/ Basically, it says that in 1970 an average worker in Switzerland had to work 2 days to be able to afford a Moonwatch (which was merely CHF 215 back in the days). In 1995, the average worker in Switzerland had to work 4 days to afford a Moonie (which was CHF 615 then). Whereas in 2013, the average worker had to work 23 days to afford a CHF 4,100 Moonie. The author chose the Moonwatch because the design and the movement have basically not changed from 1969 through 2013. He comes to the following conclusion: "But if we consider that between 1970 and 1995 the price and hours total increased by 2 or 3, a linear increase should position the Speedmaster between CHF 1'200 and 1'800 today. Anything beyond is an arbitrary choice from the brand... that complies with a price segmentation decided by the group's board of directors." I would like to know whether it would be possible to do the same math with a Sub, a Reverso or a Calatrava and whether the outcome would be comparable...
  15. Any recommendations for first watch???

    Sound advice!