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  1. My (current) Gen Collection

    Thanks mate - I’ve had a productive 12 months of collecting! If I decide to flip the B&R I’ll let you know for your missus! Yup - 42mm. Titanium with ceramic bezel, really nice GMT master vibe without the $10k price tag.
  2. Waterproofness of my pf 5711

    Mate - I wouldn't recommend even looking at a glass of water wearing a rep!
  3. My (current) Gen Collection

    Haven't posted in ages - got grumpy when photobucket broke all my fucking links! Finally got round to signing up to postimage and figured I might as well update my gen collection: The 'good' box: And the weekend watches!
  4. Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium

    I picked one up and really like it. Put it on a hirsch Robbie and love the combination! No photos as I still haven't gotten around to replacing photofucket as my hosting site!
  5. Fucking photobucket

    Ah well - I've managed to download my photos to the PC so now I just need to find the time to put them somewhere else!!
  6. Fucking photobucket

    Same problem and I'll be fucked if I'm paying $400!
  7. Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium

    Been looking for a decent GMT - order placed!
  8. Genuine Wrist Check - June 17

    Getting out of Melbourne winter!
  9. Better watch for holiday than this?

    G-shock or an SKX007 - both a bit more resilient (not that there is anything wrong with a seiko 5!).
  10. Genuine Wrist Check - June 17

    When did you pick up a moonie Russ?!
  11. SOTC Watch Thread!!! 06/09/17

    I think this is the current batch (all gen)
  12. Thoughts on Sinn watches?

    I used to have a 556A - really great little watch and a bargain on the second hand market.