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  1. ^ Very nice pic... I can smell the leather from across the pond.
  2. AP Diver V7 JF from Toro

    Your photography is brilliant, Griffo. It makes purchasing one from Toro seem like a brilliant idea as well...
  3. Challenge: A Week on the Wrist

    That's not fair... that watch is drool-worthy. I'd wear that for weeks!
  4. New Week Wrist Check 25th September 2017

    The genuine Laco B-Uhr today.
  5. Oi , Looky Looky Our Antipodean Members

    I like that a LOT. And it doesn't have a Disney character.
  6. Not a PN in my opinion

    It's probably 'Not Working' because it needs a new battery.
  7. Help with seizure

    As above. Contact a Moderator. Some people are members for a long time without posting anything; and people like me who speak loudly in restaurants, find any old reason to post. Either way, RWG is here to back you up.

    Bonus points for style Dave! Love the red version, it's like a Colamariner!
  9. For one thing, I'm certain those other pics had the saturation and vibrance bumped up to make them pop. For another... I'm skeptical that any small Rolex will pop without leopard spots and bejewellry. My Air King is an adorable little watch but it has less pop than a stale bottle of 7 Up.
  10. Help desk working?

    There are a couple online right now, the ones in blue under "Who Was Online" on the main page. Although who exactly is Chiquite Fanjita again? :unsure:
  11. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 7th of August

    Time to show this Tag from DHG a little sunshine.
  12. If Rolex Made the DSSD in Bronze

    I like this a LOT. The colours and materials make this more visually interesting to me than the DSSD. Loving your collection as well!