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  1. For one thing, I'm certain those other pics had the saturation and vibrance bumped up to make them pop. For another... I'm skeptical that any small Rolex will pop without leopard spots and bejewellry. My Air King is an adorable little watch but it has less pop than a stale bottle of 7 Up.
  2. Help desk working?

    There are a couple online right now, the ones in blue under "Who Was Online" on the main page. Although who exactly is Chiquite Fanjita again? :unsure:
  3. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 7th of August

    Time to show this Tag from DHG a little sunshine.
  4. If Rolex Made the DSSD in Bronze

    I like this a LOT. The colours and materials make this more visually interesting to me than the DSSD. Loving your collection as well!
  5. New Week Wrist Check - 17th July 2017

    Mmm clowns.
  6. Something wrong...?

    The pillow-shaped case of the classic Panerai is a thing of beauty. And it's like a woman's breast in your hand... not everyone loves boobs. I sure do. A Richard Mille is like a beautiful woman, but in clown makeup. I'm trying to overcome my fear of clowns by wearing them.
  7. See NCRich's posts above. Edit: Hell, if you could get 200 of us to agree on ANYTHING, maybe we could have *gasp* an RWG club WATCH!
  8. Here's the link for the Aliexpress/DHGate forum: http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=99049 It's VIP only. Why? Because most noobs are too dumb to understand the consequences of being left to their own devices in dealing with NON TRUSTED DEALERS. This is not a sports car forum. It's not like a group buy of custom leather driving gloves. It's a fucking illegal industry.
  9. ударный инструмент ханг

    The hell you say.
  10. Problems with a Trusted Dealer: Seeking help from Mod(s)

    Thanks for your input, but I don't quite see its relevance to my problem with Josh. Oh you will soon enough ;) and you're welcome My God! Is that you, Neil? (aka: TTK) Yeah. Can we get this wastelanded perhaps?
  11. Problems with a Trusted Dealer: Seeking help from Mod(s)

    No, RWG is not for people with borderline personality disorders. It's for people who have crossed far over that line and are clinical sociopaths. Most-seen comment in the new member intros? 'WELCOME TO THE CRAZY HOUSE!' Edit: Neil has passed and his presence is sorely missed.
  12. The Perks of Being A VIP/Supporter

    What it feels like to be an RWG VIP: What I imagine it feels like to win a watch on RWG:
  13. Top quallity replicas from israeli site.

    TWO ?!? I'd give a kidney for just one of those hotties!