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  1. Favorite Micro Brand

    I quite like Gavox, particularly for the quality and £/$ I'm a big fan of the Avidiver. I also have a liking for some of the Vratislava designs, great value for what they are.
  2. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    That's very nice indeed.
  3. Two beautiful PhillyRock Straps..

    Cheers. It's a Glycine Airman SST-06. I think it looks pretty sharp on the new strap. I've had it for a while but not worn it much because the standard leather was rubbish and the rubber strap didn't suit it at all. I'll take a few more pics later
  4. The postman called yesterday and managed to pick a ten minute slot when Mrs R was in the garden. Package collected from the Post Office this morning.... inside, two small straps smartly and neatly packaged .. (note I'd opened this from the other side like a numpty before I saw the tape, hence the reconstruction of the crime scene..) .. and finally, their new homes... I'm really pleased with the quality of these, they're top notch. Sorry about the iffy pictures by the way- photography isn't my strong point. R :)
  5. USPS International Tracking Question

    These are straps- so could be in a Jiffy envelope I'd guess - so possibly letter rather than parcel (if that makes a difference...) :/
  6. USPS International Tracking Question

    OK, noted and thanks. I'll keep an eye out to see if anything registers.
  7. USPS International Tracking Question

    Thanks Gents, Freezee - the first one is where it says can't be tracked to the UK. FL13- interesting site, that one. It recognises as USPS but says 'item not found at the moment'. It's only been 10 days so guess will sit tight for a bit.
  8. Anyone know a way to track a package to the UK via USPS? I have a reference number, but in the general tracking it says 'Tracking to UK not available' but elsewhere on the USPS site it, erm, sort of eludes that tracking is possible. As clear as a not very clear thing..
  9. Strap skins

    OP - what do you put on your 'ethically sourced' reps? I take it you've done your research into how reps are made, human rights, all of that, and have satisfied you are comfortable with that? And by the way, I love animals. They're delicious.
  10. Two problems solved.

    Love the Vulcain- very striking.
  11. My first Genuine.

    That's very, very nice indeed. Congratulations.
  12. Swiss Military Hanowa Bargains

    Mine arrives today. dfq23 aka "The Watchfinder General"
  13. Something a Little Different

    I'm liking those. Given that she tolerates my wactch habit I suspect that if I tried to get them into the house Mrs R. would have me living in the dog kennel.
  14. Swiss Military Hanowa Bargains

    Nice tip Have picked up the PVD and blue dial one. Figure that'll work as a very nice workhorse for pennies..