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  1. Noob V7 Submariner 116610LN

  2. Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf

    Great job! Enjoy wearing it in the best of health mate!
  3. Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf

    Awesome mate! Looking forward to seeing it assembled back again! Enjoy wearing it in the best of health Alex! Cheers!
  4. Post your IWC watches here!

    Looking forward to seeing the final result mate! I already have an idea how it would be like
  5. Strap comparison opinions

    Grey or Black with Yellow Stitching!
  6. Movement Identification and Broken Stems

    Listen to GenTLe, he's the man!
  7. 1000 Posts

    I'll play: Cum dumpster
  8. PAM Bronzo Blue or Green?

    Green for me too
  9. Deepsea Blue: What version is this one?

    Reg uses low beat 2813 in his watches
  10. Deepsea Blue: What version is this one?

    Now matter how many photos you take, no one can answer your question! Only a photo of the movement could clear any doubts! Pop the case back with a sticky ball and take some photos! If you want to put it on M2M Sales Section, you're gonna have to do it anyway BTW, what was the trade value?
  11. New Week Wrist Check 27th November 2017

    Platinum Engravings Mod, Freshly made!
  12. DIY Platinum Ceramic Bezel mod

    Fixed the 50 and the 0 in 40 a bit.....
  13. DIY Platinum Ceramic Bezel mod

    Thanks for your comment! The Pilot market is "Silver" as it's written on it! I played with Platinum Metallic, Platinum, Silver Metallic! The Gen looks like this: As it's stated by Rolex about the Bezel: Unidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated, scratch-resistant Cerachrom insert in ceramic, numerals and graduations coated in platinum. Link to official site: https://m.rolex.com/watches/submariner/m116610ln-0001.html Cheers!
  14. DIY Platinum Ceramic Bezel mod

    Thanks mate! I can't compare it next to a Gen, only from the Google photos! Any Gen Owners out there feel free to chime in
  15. As we all know, the Achilles heel of most of High end Rolex reps is the color of the "Platinum" engravings on the Ceramic Bezel! Under Sun/Flash light they seem OK, but inside and under low light conditions they tend to appear Greyish! My 116610 LN from ARF is no exception! Indoors, Flash photo: Indoors, No flash: So after coming back from Rolie for a slight issue, I thought a Bezel "Makeover" would make my Sub look truly amazing! I decided to go with the "Sharpie" method that I saw "next door" at RWI. Since we don't have the Sharpie brand in my country, I tried to find something equivalent. After playing around with a few brands, checking the color and the ink flow, I decided that the "Pilot" brand was the best to use for the task! Filling the engravings with a continuous flow is fairly easy! You can't use too much....Just be careful not to overdo it! No worries regarding the removal of the excess paint; it's easily done with an disinfectant wipe and a cotton kitchen towel. The glossy Ceramic Bezel makes it very easy to clean. After applying the paint, I let it rest for a while or you can speed up the drying process with a hair blow dryer (if you're in a hurry) You then use gentle strokes back and forth with the alcohol wipe + towel ( in turns) to remove the excess paint covering the Bezel. Put some elbow grease and after a while here's the result: Indoors No Flash Indoors with Flash: Indoors, No Flash: Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for watching! Cheers!