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  1. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Hi, Gang! Happy Weekend to all! Enjoy the best way you can. On day FIVE of ROLEX week, the "famous" Submariner "HULK" sourced either from Stan or from Reg --I can't remember. Love watch the dial "dance" and gleam in the sunlight. dave:
  2. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Hey, Gang! This is a belated FRIDAY entry, as I fell asleep in the recliner last night & somehow ended up in bed! heh! Friday's "two-fer:" main wear of old ROLEX Sub 16610 w/ A2836 engine & rep gym watch: recently acquired (from The Gate) BELL & ROSS BR 01-93 (?) AIRSPEED. Very comfortable wear for a big watch (46mm x 46mm). dave:
  3. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    IT'S PAMSDAY, Gang! For today, this PAM 111 w/ sandwich dial I picked up a short while ago M2M, I believe; unfortunately, I don't recall from whom. Watch itself LOOKS gen, and the rubber strap is top notch. THANKS AGAIN, seller! dave:
  4. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    HUMPDAY, folks!! Day three of ROLEX week. Today: GMT.Master II "Batman." Very nice looker, wore it all day, to the gym, and this evening -- NOBODY noticed. Kinda took the wind out of my sails. dave:
  5. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Hi, Gang! Day two of ROLEX week: Tuesday's ride: this BLAKEN Rolex Sub received from Reg a while ago. Just mesmerizing! dave:
  6. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Hi, Gang! It's the start of a new week -- Rolex Week (or two perhaps). Today: GMT-MASTER II w/ Pepsi bezel. dave:''
  7. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    AND, I THANK YOU for the link! dave
  8. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    Your white dialed ORIENT is VERY beautiful, P. I've never seen this model before. May I ask where you sourced it? Thanks. dave
  9. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    ...and another day with the new CURREN quartz. dave:
  10. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    Hi, Gang! HAPPY FRIDAY to all! Today, the usual Friday "two-fer:" the main wear and the rep gym watch. The main wear is this newly arrived CURREN cream dialed quartz day/date just received from The 'Bay, which has worn very comfortably in spite of its size. Hardly felt it on the 'ole wrist; the rep gym watch is this PAM 111 -style watch with sandwich dial on rubber strap. Indeed, a very comfortable wear at the gym, where nobody noticed (which is par for the course.) dave:
  11. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    PAMSDAY, Gang! Enjoy! Today, this PAM111 - style piece with sandwich numbers on a smart-looking strap. I like, a lot! dave:
  12. I can, Rich! Either I'm very stylish or have absolutely no shame at all, heh! I'll wear it tomorrow and let everyone know how it went. dave
  13. Hi, Gang! I accidentally posted this in the M2M Sales section; a thousand pardons. Here's a copy of the post I wrote on WUS's "20 dollars or less; let's see them" thread. I thoroughly enjoy the journey down this path. Enjoy. dave: Hi, Gang! Today I received this good-looking NAVIFORCE strap watch in the mail; acquired from a seller on The 'Bay for under $20. I've attached a link to the sales post for you to peruse here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NAVIFORCE-Luxury-Analog-Quartz-Watch-PU-Watchband-Man-Wristwatch-US-Stock-D0A7-/352159553472?epid=2228445007&hash=item51fe5857c0:g:1tUAAOSwP6pZpUPu It's a fairly large watch (51mm x 14mm) but weighs in at 80 grams. The leather strap actually seems to be genuine leather (like); the case seems to be finished very well. This is probably my last "cheapie" for a while (as I now have collected about eight (8) of these things) but have had fun discovering this whole new vein of inexpensive daily beaters. Again, I am indebted to WUS, this specific post, and all the wonderful mates who have contributed their time, effort, and reviews in leading me to this "rich" load. (PIC HEAVY). Enjoy! dave: SOME WRISTIES:
  14. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    OH, MY FREAKIN' GOD!!! THIS is one of the most beautiful BULOVAS I've even seen. Definitely a homage to the famous ROLEX DATEJUST. Thanks for the show, Russ! dave
  15. New week wrist check w/c 9th October

    Hi, Gang! HAPPY HUMPDAY to all! For today, this newly arrived SINOBI Blue submariner homage (quartz) I picked up from eBay via the WUS thread, "20 dollars or less; let's see them," LINK: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f71/20-dollars-less-lets-see-them-936070-30.html. For $36.99, this quartz powered piece is pretty sizable and solid: 46mm with crown x 11mm thick, and weighing 128 grams. Dial details are all right for the price, the bracelet and its links are light w/o being flimsy; and based upon the other SINOBI with coke bezel I purchased and wore a few weeks ago, make for an all around decent daily beater. Lume is confined to the pearl and hands. dave: