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  1. TAG Heuer Pendulum strap replacement Hello all. Strap on my TAG pendulum broke so I was looking for some replacement. I have found one on ebay (THIS ONE) so I click buy. I looks like it was only 24mm TAG Pendulum strap on ebay so there was not many options to choose from. There are some 22mm versions so make sure about your size before purchase. Package was sent from Turkey and contains this: New strap is matte and not glossy and has different feel. Also “TAG Heuer” writing is not very similar to original strap. Letters are bigger and not that crisp (old on the left). Edge of the strap is not that rounded. OK strap is on. Problem of this strap is that it has not got perfect fit to the case. There was no problem with this with original one. When you push on new one you can see this. It is because of different strap quality on “case ends” and slightly different positioned holes for springbars. There is very little chance to see those gaps when you wearing watch (fortunately). So now I can wear my favourite watch again. If you have better source for replacement strap for this watch, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Spotted in my local FaceAche Selling page

    Lume is very strong at 8,9 and 11 so no problem. [emoji6]
  3. Spotted in my local FaceAche Selling page

    How is the lume?
  4. My wife bought me an Orient Bambino

    Very nice. Looking forward to video
  5. Just imagine how sexy are you going to be for Onze after he drink this [emoji3]
  6. Interesting information from your past.
  7. Better. They can make you speak czech like native speaker.
  8. Add me on the list please [emoji4] ... I almost forgot. Please add Kenny also. He is very busy these days, maybe he can confirm it later by himself.