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  1. The best moder for 5512 ?! Vintage Bug

    Search for Jdog on here and drop him a message. Man knows his onions!
  2. This. x1000000 this. Missed out on Slay's Khanjar Daytona in m2m next door Drop him a message over on RWI mate - there is an amazing DRSD build of his available at the moment.
  3. Thanks mate! The dials are hand painted (with the sub-dials aged at the same time to get the tropical tint). The gen coronet is a nice touch as well. Don't know where he gets them from but they are real works of art.
  4. Thought I would revive my favourite thread with the newly arrived 6263 build from slay...
  5. Intro + bit of background! :)

    'Dread Pickle Roberts' does have a good ring to it :D
  6. Intro + bit of background! :)

    Welcome from the Midlands mate - I watched the old Vice documentary on Ross Ulbricht a few weeks ago as well, which was eye opening - never thought about reps on the dark web before (not that I would buy one on there sorry!) ;) Im sure one of the AP aficionados on here will be able to comment on the quality of your one for comparison.
  7. I'm SO torn in choosing my first rep!

    You cannot go wrong with a Regmariner - for the money they are top draw. As a first rep choice, it would get my vote. (^ The Boss beat me to it :D )
  8. Hello from london!

    Welcome from the Midlands. Search on here for Rolie - he will help you out with your 113. Happy hunting!
  9. Recommendations on vintage gen rolex in UK

  10. Welcome from the Midlands mate - happy hunting!
  11. Fantastic photos and great collection mate! There's always next year for your first forum skirmish
  12. Postage to the States form the UK

    Think $20 is the ceiling to avoid any sort of import tax from a value point of view? Could be wrong though.
  13. Kenny did mine (stock cartel with Yuki dial, softened edges and case work with re-polishing, relume of the hands to match the dial, installing Clarks Tropic crystal) and added the red second hand which Im really happy I went for. The print on the Yuki is great - the coronet is eye meltingly awful. (You'd think it be easy to do as good a job as they do on the white version) Anyway - Im also on the hunt for a Watchguyusa1 dial but I hit up Duane and he is out of stock for the rest of the year. Going to chase him back up in Jan but once the new dial is in this will be a done deal for me.
  14. Hello to all - new member here

    Welcome mate - happy hunting!
  15. Postage to the States form the UK

    Yeh, 'watch for repair' with a value of $20 seems to be common