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  1. Very, very sound advice. I also managed to upset the keyless on my Pelagos, which above all other including gen anything is the one I like the most. I was about to embark on some ham fistedness and read this. (Don't get me wrong... history has shown that it always starts out in my head that I have the hands, precision and skill of a surgeon..... it just ends up like I'm trying to wipe my arse with boxing gloves on.... messy) Any one able to recommend someone in the UK with form for being able to do the surgeon version of the repair?
  2. How can I tell what movement this is?

    Yes they are a good movement.The quickset seems to be a bit fragile,you need to make sure that the hands are well away from the date changeover at midnight if you are setting it from the quickset.Basically don't set the date between say 10pm and 2am,thats good practice with any movement though. Thanks I never actually knew that, though now I think about it makes perfect sense. Thanks
  3. Reps suck

    Seasons greeting and happy new yearness to you all all, as a newbie always encouraging to see on here it being received as well as it is being dished out
  4. Morning all...

    Ah well, it was six maybe more years ago now so it's all water under the bridge now, and besides that where's the fun in rocking up to a shop and just buying it!
  5. Morning all...

    Thank you again I've not bought any replicas for a few years having had my fingers royally burned a few times, but you live and learn and I've been doing a fair bit of reading through those threads (hindsight being a great thing, I can't think of any reason why I didn't ask for qc / proof pictures before.... having foolishly believed that what I was looking at was what I was actually going to get !) That said, I'm sure you've all heard it before Anyway onward and upward, Explorer 2 in black or white would be lovely thanks Santa.
  6. Morning all...

    Thanks all for the warm welcome. Over the years have ended up with some really appalling tat from ebay, Sub with wonky markers, duff Tags etc etc I thought it was about time that I made some better informed decisions over my hankering for an Explorer 2.
  7. New to the forum so just saying hi, hello and seasons greetings to you all. I knew that the buying a rep wouldn't be completely clear cut, but never realised quite how nuanced it all was so very grateful for all the great advice that's on here.