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  1. Final Call, will be drawing this tomorrow
  2. Gents: I have not done one of these for a while, i am having a give away for any strap up to the value of £40, normally i give a strap or two away but that limits the people who will enter so this time its for any one strap up to the value of £40. Why am i doing this? Because the Forum gives a lot to me and any of us on here, we should all give a little back and this is my way of doing just that, hopefully it gets some people to upgrade. There are rules however. This is only open to VIP's It can only be used against one strap, if that's a value of £30 you don't get £10 credit I will email the winner a code for £40 off my online store, the order must be placed through there . It can be used against a more expensive strap for money off and you pay the difference I must have the leather in stock. If you are not VIP why not UPGRADE NOW UK Postage will be 1st recorded, EU\ROW will be economy No limit to the number of people entering One entry per person I will take all names and assign a number chronologically based on order of response Random number generator thingy will be used This will run for around 3 days before i close the draw GOOD LUCK LunchMoney Moondustep Griffo RepGuy Nikosaldente freddyfinger Foxindebox Genius BADAPPLE12 Thommo82 Del Theduke.williams Callumz Brang1 SuperbMonster MontyB82 lukeas123456 nummer14 SliceMaster DavesJourney rusky27 Mr_baldwin spike TheSav Boomoo284
  3. We have some new skins in A new batch of Teju lizard Grey and black Ostrich And a pearl Stingray
  4. Electric Blue Crocodile Strap

    Sure we ship anywhere
  5. Gen,Rep or POS

    Looks like a Pro3 Bracelet, but yes they do not connect like that I had the gen one for a while, possibly the wrong bracelet for that watch it needs different end links. Watch looks gen, but without a close up of the dial its hard to tell, reps cant get the fine dial printing right, or certainly i have not seen one that's been spot on.
  6. We have a new batch of Croc leather in, and have this stunning Padded Electric Blue Strap. These can be made in any size you need, or any stitching colour Pricing for members is £70 for up to 22mm and £80 for up to 26mm. Free UK Postage
  7. I have a new leather in stock, a Tan Horween Chromexcel, this is a particularly beautiful leather with fantastic tones and very soft Strap can be made in any size with your choice of stitching colour Flat Price of £35 for forum members
  8. I recently had a commission in from a customer to make a Pendant for a iWatch for a Paramedic, there is nothing on the market that suits medical workers where they are restricted from wearing a watch on their wrist, the commission was to make a iWatch pendant suitable for the Medical profession. This was one was requested to be in bright pink, but it can be made in any leather or colour, also it can be supplied as a pendant with a locking pin or a belt loop. Nice present for your better half, and i cannot find one like it anywhere else. Patent Pending: Flat price for these is £40 with adapters for any colour or size of watch, normal price on my website is £45
  9. Yes they are available
  10. C. Ward half off sale...

    nice find
  11. Notice: Horween Stock

    Got a fair amount of this stock in, but this is the last of it there will be no more Horween Vandyke once this is gone
  12. Personalised Strap Poll

    I use a couple of programs, i need to use DXF files which may or may not involve a conversion, set cutting rates and profiles, tool offset, speed and TTL\PWM levels. This is then parsed as a GCODE for the magic to happen, all the work is done via my PC then sent to the printer
  13. Personalised Strap Poll

    I am not sure how it would look, I can try a few a post some samples Alright that would be neat to see! Here you go
  14. I have recently been informed by my supplier that the Vandyke Horween has been discontinued and will no longer be available, fortunately I have been able to source a limited amount of the hide. I use the leather for the Simple Vandyke strap, Tudor Black Bay straps, Panerai straps etc. Such a shame because it has been very very popular, I have a reasonable amount arriving tomorrow but once its gone I will not be able to source anymore. Please grab this while you can