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    Thank you chaps

    Chaps, We are now starting to take orders in again, and will look to prioritise forum members work, however, lead times have not changed and expect 4-6 weeks for any work.
  3. C. Ward half off sale...

    nice find

    We will be closing all orders for a period of time, unfortunately with current work commitments and a extremely successful website we are slipping on order times a little. Unfortunately I cannot focus enough time to my straps at the moment so have to take the decision to close the order book and my TD section as a temporary measure, the Website will remain open but no checkout function will be available until we can catch up and my day job has settled down. Its important to me that all members receive a good service from start to finish and we cannot promise that right now. IMPORTANT** All existing orders will be fulfilled, the notice has NO impact it is a temp measure **IMPORTANT (we only have one or two orders for members in) Thank you all for your support and we will be back in time...
  5. Notice: Horween Stock

    Got a fair amount of this stock in, but this is the last of it there will be no more Horween Vandyke once this is gone
  6. Personalised Strap Poll

    I use a couple of programs, i need to use DXF files which may or may not involve a conversion, set cutting rates and profiles, tool offset, speed and TTL\PWM levels. This is then parsed as a GCODE for the magic to happen, all the work is done via my PC then sent to the printer
  7. Personalised Strap Poll

    I am not sure how it would look, I can try a few a post some samples Alright that would be neat to see! Here you go
  8. I have recently been informed by my supplier that the Vandyke Horween has been discontinued and will no longer be available, fortunately I have been able to source a limited amount of the hide. I use the leather for the Simple Vandyke strap, Tudor Black Bay straps, Panerai straps etc. Such a shame because it has been very very popular, I have a reasonable amount arriving tomorrow but once its gone I will not be able to source anymore. Please grab this while you can
  9. Personalised Strap Poll

    I am not sure how it would look, I can try a few a post some samples
  10. Two Piece NATO Strap

    Whatever length you need is fine
  11. Two Piece NATO Strap

    I was recently commissioned to make a two piece NATO strap, I liked the idea so much i have now added it to my catalogue of straps. As usual lengths are to order what do you need ? widths for this will be from 18mm - 26mm Pricing for 18-24mm will be £30 26mm will be £40 due to the amount of leather required. UK postage included as always EO/ROW pm me for a cost
  12. TDs comment on another TD

    That wasn't ham... I guess it resembled this
  13. My laser has now arrived, and I can now offer laser engraving on your existing straps or add anything to your new strap orders. PM me for details Some quick examples
  14. Personalised Strap Poll

    My Laser has just arrived, still learning how to get the best out of it with leather, every hide reacts differently a couple of quick and dirty samples below
  15. Prices going up??

    The prices of Reps now are why I don't own them anymore, I would rather wait a little longer and pick up a gen; $700 for a rep is barmy get a reasonable gen for that money.