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  1. Ready to burn $15K

    I'd be thinking one of these https://www.chrono24.co.uk/omega/speedmaster-ed-white-cal321-ref-105003---64-with-extract--id6292828.htm
  2. I posted about these a while back. If you could get one for half they price, then maybe. Otherwise, a bit pricey IMHO.
  3. Something wrong...?

    You haven't been here long enough to get a PAM. I didn't like them when I joined. I now have two You will end up with a PAM ;)
  4. Should be fixed now :)
  5. Photobukcet killed my first (and so far only) how to I'll try and fix it!
  6. Kronaby connected watch

    It'll be interesting to see how they get that movement to power a smart watch, so might well be vaporware!
  7. Kronaby connected watch

    Not sure if anyone has seen these before, but these look interesting. Not a true smartwatch, but enough features to perhaps be helpful if you need your watch to tell you stuff because you can't be arsed to pick up your 'phone. Looks quite smart too. Better than an actual 'smartwatch'. It still looks like a watch, and should still work in 18 months! Price. I'm not so impressed. https://www.kronaby.com/
  8. reflections driving me crazy

    Well, photobucket is dead, I copied the link from my Montblanc folder Edit: 2nd time lucky...
  9. reflections driving me crazy

    Where did you have it done ? If it's in the UK that would be an option. It was a lab in the UK that did coated optics, but most people who had crystals done there had the AR start to go blotchy. I got lucky and mine is fine. It was through a former tinkerer from these parts before things went south and they got booted out. Personally, I'd save the money and put that towards the auto rep, you'd probably be about 1/3 of the way there with a cheap AR job, or halfway with the Prof. If you haven't seen a Prof crystal - check out this Montblanc I have with one of his AR'd crystals in it:
  10. reflections driving me crazy

    How do you know it's that nice if you can't see the dial : ;): Last AR job I had was about £80 including the removal and refitting of the crystal. If you want a prof job, it will be more.
  11. I have prime, and that's not my bag, so if you want it, shoot me a PM ;)
  12. Watch Magnetized, Found Free App

    I always check with a compass if timekeeping is way out, much easier
  13. Don't you hate when...

    You guys need help ;)
  14. Mega cheap mechanical....

    With that logo looks like they are ripping off an Invicta
  15. New Rep better than Old Gen (Rolex Bracelet)

    On the strength of that alone I'd put the Nato on your gen, don't want to do that to a classic :o