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  1. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 7th of August

    All original aside from a replacement plexi... pretty good for an old watch.
  2. Genuine Wrist Check - August 17

    Thanks mate - like it a lot more now with the yellow. Found out they actually did a limited release of the MB2 with a yellow second hand, for Toppers Jewellers 40th anniversary. This today:
  3. Glycine combat subs for $400

    Is that PVD/rootbeer one the Golden Eye? Go for it - I'll have it from you if you need the cash when it arrives...
  4. Genuine Wrist Check - August 17

    right month this time...
  5. Thanks to Rolie...

    :D Part of me feels that watches like that shouldn't get sold, but then I don't know the back story of why the owner put it up for sale etc. It is a great watch, one of the ones I have owned for the longest time.
  6. Thanks to Rolie...

    cheers all - yep he is a great guy for sure :)
  7. Travel & protecting watches

    I've got a couple of watch rolls made by these guys. About half the price (or less) of most others and decent enough quality to throw in a holiday bag. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/kukiworks They're on eBay as well: kukiworks
  8. Thanks to Rolie...

    For those that know him, you know how helpful he is. For those that don't know him I'm sure you have read how helpful he is... He's worked on numerous watches for me, always super useful with advice and takes his time to talk through issues and solutions. I recently sent off my Bremont MB2 for some work. I love the watch, but always fancied the coloured second hand of the MB1 (no chance of me being ejected in a Martin Baker seat to be able to buy one, and the last one I saw on the open market was priced a bit silly) The yellow increases legibility, and well, it looks cool too. When Rolie got it he had "a bit" of a nightmare... I use my watches quite hard, if they're rated waterproof I'll use them in water, I work in them, I do stuff in them - sometimes they get pretty beat up. Well, this one wouldn't come apart - eventually when it did come apart Rolie found rust and salt gluing the case together (my bad, paddling in the sea is a no no from now on with this one) Next problem was the top crown (time and day/date setting) An issue that I've always had with the watch is that the top crown doesn't sit quite flush with the case (fractions of a mm, but it's a common complaint among owners) This is a first gen MB2 and Bremonts engineering and quality control has much improved since. There was a problem with the keyless, which meant he had to remove the barrel bridge as the stem wasn't able to be removed. He found the mainplate was slightly worn, and the stem had a lip that had worn into it. This caused it to stick. All this was removed and cleaned - just in order to get the stem out. Then out came the dial and calendar wheels so that the keyless could be repaired. After all this just to get the thing apart - he could start doing what I'd asked for. He mounted the second hand on a spare movement to keep it nice and steady and cracked open the paint pots..! With the hand painted and dry it was time for reassembly. Everything back together, anti-magnetic faraday cage around the movement, and anti-shock rubber movement holder in place. Quick tune up to get it running nice... And so here we have it - Yellow second hand all done and looking great. I like it. And one on the wrist... So - a Big Thanks to Rolie for his help (again) A good mate, and always a pleasure to chat to.