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  1. Be a bit more than that. Stupid insert is $200, bezel is another $200. Dial is $100ish, base cartel 1655 watch $125, small hand $30. Then its a question of machining it and finding a better case back. Oh and not breaking anything. You can build something like it for $1000. But we have seen them cost much, much more. Having made 2 of these, I can tell you anything decent is certainly over $1k. Any theyre a PITA. This watch above, a very easy pass. Looks like shite!
  2. How about a MOD supplied Royal Navy 5512 Burford Dial Milsub! (Never seen a rep before this one I built ;) )
  3. Which one? All are 41mm.

    Almost looks off-white/cream to me. Plus Im a sucker for dark grey DJ's.
  4. Assuming the old bracelet is a 93150? The clasp can usually be tightened relatively easily. BTW, be VERY careful with the SEL on the rep bracelet. It WILL wear away at your 1665 engravings rather quickly.
  5. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    Upload the photos to a Photobucket account, or similar, and then copy the link for each pic and post it here.
  6. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    I understand your point of view, but this sale will be driven by the VIP's (Supporters) on this site. The watches will most likely go for more (and in some cases MUCH more) than they would be worth 'on the open market'. Who would overbid, and pay too much for a watch that doesn't mean anything to them? Only the people here who interacted with Baldrick here on this site. Otherwise, they are just used reps, and probably several revisions out of date. These are items that cause emotion in the long term members here. They will be the ones to over bid. I can't claim Baldrick as a close friend or anything, but we did chat a couple of times. I sincerely enjoyed his online persona, and I would absolutely LOVE to be able to add one of his pieces to my collection. For which I will overpay. (If it doesn't become TOO high for my cash flow...) Fair point but I havent up'd my VIP status yet and would be all over picking up a piece or 2 from Neil's collection. Limiting to VIP could exclude quite a few guys and gals who had the pleasure of dealing with him and quite enjoyed his presence around here. Just my 2 cents. :)
  7. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    Thats an amazing gesture and something Im sure Neil would appreciate looking down. Maybe get a list of everything together first and get feedback on pricing there. May be easier to sort that than the latter. Just a suggestion.
  8. Its a few different watches frankened together. You can PM me and when I have a min I can go over it with you.
  9. GMT Master thoughts... advice sought.

    Good advice, and thanks. I was hoping you would chime in. As far as how the 24 hour hand works, for practical use the original frozen hands (linked to the 12 hour hands) isn't as practical as the new style, so I'll be keeping that. I need to make a run to CT for some other reasons, we should have a lunch at one of the diners there and play with watches. Fortunately I have two Gen 1675's for CG comparisons when modifying, which ought to make things easier to figure out. I'll wear one up if you want to get together. Dave Sounds good Dave. Lets plan something for when the weather's a bit more consistent :)
  10. REVIEW NEW BP FACTORY 114060 SA3130

    Its what happens when you copy from RWI. Happens to me all the time too.
  11. GMT Master thoughts... advice sought.

    As others have said the vintage pieces need a lot of work. Biggest issue the have is the lack of proper crown guards. The vintage builds have the correct hand stack via eta or 21j but unlike the gen you can set the gmt hand independently. I have managed to freeze this hand as per gen on a few builds and it functions as per the gen. At minimum you would need these parts to create a decent GMT. Better dial and hands, crystal, clarks bezel assembly, correct non-hooked 2 insert and a flat case back from raffles. Gunfire about $250 in parts on top of the base watch. If you can get a old 1655 explorer mid case then you're in good shape as it has better guards to work with. And if you're getting all the other parts, you won't be using the guts anyway and can sell to recoup some costs. Old case with the better guards.
  12. Advice needed, gen daydate?

    Happens more often that not. Big premium in the vintage world if you have it all. B&P can get you over a couple grand extra in some cases.
  13. Advice needed, gen daydate?

    Bracelet is gen and period correct and seems to be in good nick without much if any stretch.
  14. Gen movement, rep watch

    What model do you have? You may be better off finding a used gen case.
  15. Do you not read?!?!?!? This Invicta "bluesy" keeps catching my eye, especially at £77 delivered with Prime and with a Seiko NH35a automatic movement inside. Nice summer cheapie! ;) https://www.amazon.c...pf_rd_i=desktop