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  1. Look what was under the Xmas tree all for me

    That beauty used to be mine! I forgot how much I missed it until I saw Andy's pictures. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If you had $200 to burn... what would you buy?

    Where did you order that strap from mate? Looks really good for $45. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. New name (to me anyway)

    I've got a Corguet BB Heritage homage on the way from eBay. Will upload some pics when it gets here which should be a any day now, ordered about a month ago. Strap looks horrendous but I have a NATO waiting to be put straight on.
  4. Ordered New Today

    I've got one of these as well. Currently on a dark blue NATO. Agree about the pearl not being the best but overall it's a great watch.
  5. I keep coming back and drooling over this. Will be ordering one from the cartel this week and getting in touch with a modder very soon I think!
  6. This one has been about 8 months in the making Im afraid mate - she's staying put for a bit Don't blame you mate, looks great! Can't blame a guy for trying. Enjoy it
  7. This is exactly what I'm looking for! If you get bored of it feel free to send me a message
  8. Strap replacement in London

    Only if you promise you'll be there as well!
  9. Strap replacement in London

    Hmm that may be a bit too far to travel unfortunately but a great offer none the less!
  10. Strap replacement in London

    Yea I thought most jewellers might but I just didn't want them to laugh at me for bringing in a rep. Johnny it sure is a ROO, where abouts are you based? I'm in SE London.
  11. Strap replacement in London

    Hey guys, Just bought another AP and have a lovely AP bands hornback lined up for it. I sent my last one off to SSTEEL to replace which I don't mind doing again but I'd rather not send it off if there's anywhere local that can do it? I would attempt to do it myself but I know I'd mess it up and have to get someone to do it anyway.
  12. See what my got from China

    But guys it has an A sticker on the front, it's obviously good quality...
  13. Dressy toy - just arrived.

    My girlfriend got me exactly the same pair a couple of years ago. Always get compliments when I wear them.
  14. Foggy crystal

    Thanks for the advice, the rice is ready! Only thing I'm worried about is it leaving marks on the inside of the crystal now. Hopefully that won't happen.
  15. Foggy crystal

    Hey guys, I received a Rolex Daytona from nembo over on RG today. Watch wasn't running so I took the back off, gave it a little shake, moved the balance wheel back and forward and lastly gave it a little blow to try and move and dust/pubes that may be blocking something. Good news it's started working and is keeping great time, bad news is the crystal keeps misting up from the inside. Any ideas how to stop this happening?