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  1. Your Favourite Dress Watches?

    Hi Griffo, definitely the Rolex Explorer I, simply classy. Explorr (hence the name) ;-)
  2. SubC - How to remove and reinstall the bezel.

    Hi K4jun, thanks for sharing. I bought my first rep - sub w/ ceramic bezel - years ago on vacation before I found this place. Tried to remove the bezel since the spring must have broke, the ist noch clicking anymore and you can turn the bezel in both directions. But seems that there is a different mechanism on mine ... Explorr
  3. Pics -> dumbest questions ever?

    For cryin' out loud. Thanks Richard
  4. Ok folks, I read a lot on the forum, here is the about the only question I could not solve searching the forum: in old threads like this one most of the pictures are gone - and this is a real and permanent loss to the whole community. Is there any way to bring them up again? I guess not because the users deleted the files in photobucket or elsewhere. Or I am just plain stupid and can't handle a my computer right. Explorr
  5. Introduction and help wanted

    I work in finance/bank, no customer/client ever asked, what you get is a grin or nodd, as long as you stick with the quality watches around here, the rest is just nitpicking of us members complain about subdial spacing on a speedy manual wind and such. Is waiting für M2M worth the dough? Haven't had mine serviced after receiving. What I did was, opened it with a sticky ball to check if I got the right movement and if there is dirt anywhere. Then bathed the bracelet (of course steel) in WD40. And ready to wear it was. Greets
  6. 114060 Submariner No Date Replicas - Opinions?

    Being in the rep business try to stay cool. Havin' found this forum is the best part. Enjoy whatever you will choose it'll most likely make you very happy. Don't overdo it chasing the ultimate rep, start enjoying. Explrr
  7. Online Purchase

    Hi Colman, bought three at once from Josh for about 750 € in March the exact same way and had them shipped to Germland. Excellent Service and communication from Josh. You are in good hands. Go ahead and have fun. Cheers Explorr Gesendet von meinem GT-I9301I mit Tapatalk
  8. Overhaul

    Think I can keep up with this. This madhouse sucked me up already.
  9. Overhaul

    Cheers lads, thanks for not flaming me on my first thread. ;-) If the movement on my old sub croaks it certainly will not be replaced, you are right, it does not make sense tryin' to fix it. All for now. See you around next time. Ex.
  10. Overhaul

    Gentlemen, as a noob I try to read as much as I can, don't ask silly questions and try not to get into people's ways. Since I have not found anything on the forum I would like to ask the community for your opinion when it comes to overhauling a rep. Manufacturers recommend overhauling a watch every five to seven years. What do you guys do, when the time has come for an oil change ...? Is it propaganda of the manufacturers, to make money? Do you just buy a new one, when the old one does not work any more? Or more generally, what is the life expectancy of a, say asian 2836-2, is it worth it having it overhauled? Ok, I am happy to read your thoughts. Cheers Explorr