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  1. And by the way - this is a fantastic watch, have the pre Basel 2016 version and am very happy with it. Wear it in good health!
  2. Hallo Michaelm, bought a Speedmaster Professional manual handwind about two weeks ago, The QC pics indicated that the watch will go 11sec per day fast. Have worn it the whole time and lo and behold, it's so accurate I did not have to set it during that period. Maybe just wait and see, because it runs differently when it's got body temperature. Grüße E.
  3. Black is back.

    Roman - nö doubt about.
  4. McGilli's Rolex Explorer II Pro Hunter Stealth Review

    Wonderful review! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hanging out with friends

    Thank you. Actually got a display box, looks dull next to Fidel ;-)
  6. Hanging out with friends

    I have got both, the grey and black - which is the thought to be Bond strap and the original from Goldfinger, olive with red stripes and black.
  7. Hanging out with friends

    Will do so buddy, but tomorrow :-) Which Bond theme, real or thought to be real?
  8. Hi folks, I owe a lot to this forum, thanks all for educating me. Thought I'd give something back in return. Yesterday my latest toy showed up, express mail from MR. Enjoy the pics! Treasure chest... open Sesame... Here's the new guest at the party. An all time classic. Manual ST 19 handwind, crystal back, yes subdial spacing is off as always, and the @6 hand is moving - but I love it. Maybe send it off later to Kenny to fix the @6 hand and replace the crystal with a hesalite. Got a lot of watch for the dough. Thanks to MR for a smooth transaction, can highly recommend him. Luckily, though direct mail to Germany, no problems with customs. Questions? Happy to answer Cheers Explorr
  9. A new nuthead to the madhouse

    Welcome and ... with one thread you almost made more posts than I in three years. Since you are from France - hello neighbor! Have a great time around here.
  10. Reptripleawatch.co

    Hi Jim500, never heard of the site, just browsed quickly through and searched for my favorite watch at the moment: Omega Speedmaster Professional. Took me a minute to spot... - The pictures of all watches seem to be original pictures from the Omega site itself (all watches show ten past ten) and are high resolution. There are no pictures of the actual watch that you will get. - Looking up the Speedy. It does not show what kind of movement you are buying. - Prices - well, to good to be true, when compared to the one's of our TDs but more expensive than Dhgate. My advice, ask yourself first, what could go wrong? And then stick to our TDs. Looking for a cheapie from a TD? Try Silix. Cheers mate Explorr
  11. Hi Splke, did ever approach you anyone pointing at the ICHS? Do you have an 2836/2 or 21 jewels?
  12. That's my watch man, and the Ex I, which I already possess. I will get the white and black face of the II as soon as I can with ICHS, for reliability and if you need to fix it. You see them hardly in the wild, totally underrated. I even named myself after them ... ;-)
  13. Hello everyone! COMPLETE NOOB HERE

    Well hard to say when the darn plastic cover is still on. There is for sure a gap between the SEL to the top and to the bottom, which should not be there or this big. Hope this helps.
  14. Explorer 1016

    I love them Explorers I and II (white and black) - should name myself after them... For 128 - it is plain and simple great. We see this trend to more and more expensive watches for around 400 USD - good to see that there is great stuff out there for less. Looks like a winner! Wear it in great health!
  15. ARF Daytona landed

    Darn - where did all my money go ... want one, too. Who the hell would be able to tell this one out from 10 inches distance. I am around here for quite some time and done extensive reading but unless I am deaf, dumb and half blind, I couldn't tell right away. Great watch. Enjoy