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    Bought two of their gen dress watches, absolute crackers.
  2. Bp rolex sub-c 2316 28800bph or the asian 2836 28800bph

    If shes a real keeper, throw a gen eta in there, pricy but worth it in the end
  3. My first rep Omega PO 42 White Ceramic

    Can't wait to get one in 45mm. Nice piece
  4. The Noob Pumpkin 45.5 CrPo is completely sold the fuck out. No dealer can seem to get one new, so if pumpkin is your thing, the new BP or the Miyota jank are your best choices. Andrew mentioned he has a "JH" factory model, but I've never heard of them. I wonder if a high beat miyo 9215 can fit inside the KW version...Hmmm.
  5. Omega CrPO (GMT and non-GMT)

    Pumpkin bezel Noobs in 45.5mm seem to be sold out everwhere.
  6. If you could only choose one Speedy...

    Any kind of quality grey strap....gen, nato, leather nato is extremely classy on almost any speedy.
  7. Hi from a noobie

    Oh, once you see SEL's, you will NEVER unsee them. The bane of reps :(
  8. Hi from a noobie

    Welcome, resist the urge to buy lots of cheap shite at first
  9. TC Sub LV Extreme, $739?

    739 is awful pricey, but I've downsized my collection and am in the process of making sure everything I own has a gen ETA. Gen eta plus install, lume etc is expensive but once done and maintained, the final product can last a lifetime. 6 grand spent on 6 reps will get you 6 high quality, near undectable reps. At least that's how I understand it.
  10. Rolex Submariner V7 from noob factory with some essential mods

    Looks fantastic. Not sure if I should keep mine and mod it, or get a BK and mod it.
  11. Chosing a Planet Ocean - Help Please

    If you've never seen the Noobs movement @28800 bph, the Miyota/v6f@21,600 is technically a better copy and you will be pleased. If you have owned the Noob there is no going back. I've had both and the low beat looks like a piece of stuttery blackstrap molasses. Durrr Run Forest Rin
  12. Who has the more accurate dial? Tudor pelagos blue

    Sounds like this lass needs to go straight to a watchsmith before being worn a great deal. It's just too pretty not to have.
  13. Who has the more accurate dial? Tudor pelagos blue

    Apparently so. Just had a dealer reject a ZF because of marker problems.
  14. DSSD Splash (Vac, BK, Plankton modded)

    Hate to be a necromancer but this creation is stunning and I am compelled to replicate it on a somewhat smaller budget.
  15. Watches as a lady magnet

    That was me with the big blue breit. Yes it was indeed a ladies magnet, several positive comments about it, lots of stares from both sexes. 48mm of gleaming watch can indeed do that, but it helps being in shape, dressed nicely....and the Tom Ford or Carrera 5623 blue gradient shades really set it off. Now, the TYPES of females, we'll that's a different convo. If you're wearing penny loafers, no socks, khaki shorts and a tucked in Polo from 1987, no its not gonna help chief.