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  1. I know you all hate Invictas....but

    Snoopy option would drag me in
  2. New, and with a question!

    Do not stray from the Trusted Dealers or M2M sales as you may well get stung and you will have no help. Read up on the new member links on front page and this will show you how to find the watch you want in a way that will not lead to tears at bedtime.
  3. 6 years old and still ticking!

    Change is hard but it can also be good and this forum is full of people with the right attitude who will reach out to help when you ask the right way, as you have.
  4. Watch winder giveaway VIPs/supporters

    Does the monster come with it? I'm in
  5. Wedding Present List

    ++++ from someone married 35 years and still ducking
  6. Yep definiteley a mental problem. i am in gen (seiko) mode at this time and arguing with myself whether I need another monster to go with the three existing, well it may snow this winter and I would need to co-ordinate. Surgery is definitely a possible solution and you could go with armlets rather than the full job. As long as the wrist is available you do not need the full length. T shirts ather than formal shirts would make it work.
  7. Watch winder giveaway VIPs/supporters

    Meant to jump in yesterday and probably the day before that procrastination is a buggar. Nice gesture though.
  8. Hublot Ferrari 401.CQ.0129.VR.

    Are they the ones in large type, bold font, bright red and prominently displayed?
  9. Miyota 9015 keyless fix tutorial

    Nice but I think I am going to stay with the whole engine transplant option for a while.
  10. Chrono pump pusher removal tool

    Result? bump
  11. Chrono pump pusher removal tool

    Just when you think a tool could not get more specific bump
  12. That is a seriously good looking wood, my pockets are still full so no room for more but the grain detail is magic.
  13. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    My tuppence worth is that a tenner a ticket is going to have widespread appeal and accrue more total funds than even pricing them with a donation possibility or at inflated prices. Minor variation on the VIP competitions and we can always set a ticket limit depending on watch. Like the idea that we do something special that brings a smile at a time when we have to deal with terrorist events and a general election that I think is going to make me want to hide.
  14. A special watch edition for RWG

    bump for an improvement on haddock