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  1. Steinhart -Hamilton or Glycine?

    Black (and get a spare pepsi for the holidays)
  2. A new nuthead to the madhouse

    Excellent approach and it will mean you will get help if you need it, welcome.
  3. First Repair

    You also start buying tools that only have one very precise purpose and then when you look around you have several boxes of throbbet pullers and graunch setters as well as a kitchen table that is a marital problem. Welcome.
  4. Which of these engravings?

    Too slow but this gets my vote too
  5. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

  6. 2yr/4000 post Giveaway VIP Only

    Nice gesture but as one of the quartz snobs I would have to rip the second hand off, so count me out.
  7. If only they did not look like a group of countries pretending to be friends
  8. Date Window on Dial

    One I am planning is angled so sounds like a plan, Isosceles trapezoid should do the job then, ta.
  9. This is probably a stupid question but I keep think I may be missing something. If I take a donor watch with a 3 o'clock day and date window and replace it with a dial with only a date on it and the cutout placed at 4 o'clock - then apart from being two days fast I assume I do not have to remove day wheel or reposition date wheel. Going to practice first but ready to try turning a Seiko into a Blancpain and happy I can do the bezel and the hands but brain keeps melting over the 3 to 4 move. As the wheel is a circle and the distribution of dates is uniform the cut out position should not matter. Anyone care to remove my doubts. Gibber, gibber.
  10. I know you all hate Invictas....but

    Snoopy option would drag me in
  11. New, and with a question!

    Do not stray from the Trusted Dealers or M2M sales as you may well get stung and you will have no help. Read up on the new member links on front page and this will show you how to find the watch you want in a way that will not lead to tears at bedtime.
  12. 6 years old and still ticking!

    Change is hard but it can also be good and this forum is full of people with the right attitude who will reach out to help when you ask the right way, as you have.
  13. Watch winder giveaway VIPs/supporters

    Does the monster come with it? I'm in
  14. Wedding Present List

    ++++ from someone married 35 years and still ducking