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  1. Cheap Bulova

    Cheers for the heads up. Just nabbed the last one in my local Argos and will be a great little stocking filler for the son in law as it's too small for my wrist at 40mm.
  2. Have a butchers at my experience with Nick. UK based too. http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=107146&hl=&fromsearch=1
  3. BK DSSD bezel alignment

    http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=84910 Search is your friend so don't be shy.
  4. Hublot & Vogard Sale

    The bird has just sent me a link to the Secret Sales website where they have a couple of Hublot's and a few Vogard's on sale. Not everyone's cup of tea I know but FYI anyway. https://secretsales....3624&gender=men Not sure if you have to sign up to view though.
  5. Someone please help!

    I also sat the casing on a piece of paper with a mark on it then lined up the casing perfectly so I could get the crystal crown exactly where it needed to be. I bet there are better methods but that was mine. I also went to town on it with this whilst I had it apart. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7PC-Hard-Metal-Cleaning-Polishing-Mop-Wheel-Kit-With-Compounds-Fits-Any-Drill-/251878457153?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3aa5203f41 Came up a treat. And bent the click doofers up a fraction as it was a bit wishy washy (apologies if this was a bit technical lol).
  6. Someone please help!

    It will go in place with a little encouragement. That bit that sticks out along with the shape is what gives it a little tension and the clicking movement when assembled. I did mine crystal before bezel, gave it a quick spin and then finally bezel insert when happy.
  7. Hi From UK!

    Hi Mate! Small world!! Not far from sunny Wolverhampton! Hi buddy and welcome. Very small world, from a little village on the outskirts of Sutton Coldfield myself. If your looking to pick up a Tudor BB then check out DFQ's threat re Henry on Ali Express. Worth a read.
  8. New status for me call me grand……

    Congrats buddy.
  9. Hublot Big Bang All Black

    I have a Ceramic Titanium BB which is mainly black and the lume is appalling. You could get it relumed if it's a pain. I guess you were hoping for something like this. Sorry. Lost the pic. It was a decent lume shot anyway.
  10. What to do with my Gen Cartier.

    It transpires that his mother is getting him a watch that he can keep for his 18th next month and has given him the choice of a few including but not limited to Michael Korrs and Armani Exchange. Hey, she's my ex and I'm not pissing on her parade. Come to think of it I do believe she bought me a watch for my 18th too. A Camo Timberland. Pic will be uploaded if I can find it just for the craic.
  11. Tudor BB Red from Ali - Macro & Lume!

    That's me sold. Great pick up.
  12. What to do with my Gen Cartier.

    Thanks for the responses chaps. An assortment of views with some things being taken into consideration that I had not thought about. I do ok for money nowadays which certainly wasn't the case back when I got it so having to sell isn't really an issue. The watch does represent probably the first time in my life where I thought 'fuck it, I cant afford but I work hard and I'm having it' and know I'm thinking about it has been on my wrist during some epic occasions creating great memories. Sorry peteins, wimpie007 & hendrik but it's staying in the family. Handing it over at 21 is now changing however. It will be an occasion not dissimilar to a wedding or birth of a grandchild (not too frickin soon though). I might even say that it's his but I will take care of it if he wishes. You get where I'm going. Anyway, thanks again and here's a crappy iphone shot of the gang I have collected over the last year since becoming a member here. Cheers.
  13. What to do with my Gen Cartier.

    Hi all. Hope you're well. My dilemma goes like this. I purchased my Cartier from Bahrain duty free back when I was working over there in 2004. Cost me 1600BD at the time which is approx 2500GBP. Bargain! Always intended to keep it for my lad and hand it over to him on his 21st but the boy is turning 18 soon and just isn't interested in timepieces and I don't think it will change over the next few years. I have probably worn it 20 times and it doesn't come out of the box often but for weddings, christenings and funerals. Do I, A. Continue as planned and give it him when he's 21? B. Sod him. Sell it now as it's worth a few quid with it being a discontinued model and get myself a motorcycle (WOS offered £2k, Fellows est £3.5k at auction. Watchfinder £5k (do they know something the others don't?)). C. I'm open to suggestions. D. Question my ex as to whether he is actually mine due to his lack of interest in watches. It's wasted on me but I fear it will be an even greater waste and an unappreciated gesture if I save it for him. Item in question. Cheers in advance.
  14. 24 Hour Watch

    Has it only got one hand or are they overlapping? If it's only got the one, that would really confuse the shit out of me As far as I understand it only has one hand and shows the minutes as an ish...so the pic would be 16:30somethingish I have been thinking about getting one of these for sometime now. I keep seeing them. I got hold of one of these a year or so ago. Was cheaper via Amazon than direct at the time. Great little watch.