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  1. BASELWORLD 2017

    Yup. That's a gorgeous piece. Some Speedy FOIS elements but with the addition of a date (which is absent from many of these watch styles and I feature I rely on). I know the new B & R has the date, but at 6 is more symmetrical than at 4.
  2. BASELWORLD 2017

    Never mind. It appears that this piece will be limited to 2,000 pieces and retail for ~4k - so much for being the least expensive.
  3. BASELWORLD 2017

    I am really liking that Seiko diver. Funny how the least expensive (I'm guessing) watch appeals to me the most.
  4. Strap suggestion for Seiko Sarb033

    I'm quite content with the steel bracelet that comes stock. Should you need to dress it for another occasion, black leather with white stitching may lock very nice.
  5. Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 Chronograph

    Defiantly on the "to buy" list, however, Hodinkee suggests it will be a limited production of 1968 pieces.
  6. Seiko Pepsi question – which one?

    Can't go wrong with a SKX009 on jubilee.
  7. Info on Seiko Fifty Five Fathoms Mod?

    Send him an email. Tell him what watch your are working on and what parts you are looking for. I have found his responses to be quick and helpful, and it is often the case that I ask just for pricing yet rarely order, but he still responds each time.
  8. Info on Seiko Fifty Five Fathoms Mod?

    In my post some time ago I mentioned where I got my parts and I think the prices. Crystal, dial, and bezel insert from Dagaz; hand set from Yobokies. Base watch from Amazon and black sailcloth steps from Bradystraps.
  9. Please delete the topic, my mistake

    Yeah, I'll get in on this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Looking for the best of the best Rolex replica

  11. Got the "shipped" notification this morning. Will take about a month to get here. Will post pics of what I receive once it arrives.
  12. I thought about that myself. Would they rep such a "cheap" watch? I mean, they rep just about anything I supposed. Those Tissot PRS models are probably around the same price range and they get repped. I ordered this morning. I figure if there is no update stating "your item has shipped" within 24-hours, then I will message the seller and proceed from there.
  13. I suppose if they really try and screw me I could open a PayPal dispute. Although I really wouldn't mind a shiny new SARB.
  14. I did...I took the plunge.
  15. Link: http://www.ebay.ca/i...uMSiiQl2HG2HdSA eBay listing of Seiko SARB035 for $40USD. The catch? I'm not sure yet. Maybe they take your money and send you...nothing? A broken watch? Or maybe it's just a typo. Feedback seems shady to me. While I can't be certain, many of the positive feedback appears to have been left by similar looking user names. The only negative feedback was two posts typed in Russian which translate to "not received" - shocker. Your thoughts?