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  1. Franken Omega Planet Ocean 45 mm

    Thanks it was fun putting it all together and see the end result
  2. Franken Omega Planet Ocean 45 mm

    Hi So I would like to share a custom watch that I've made. It all startet with a kind of obsession I had over the Planet Ocean 45 mm with the 8500 caliber. I bought a BP version of it and thought it was all right to begin with, but the more I wore it the more the imperfections got to me. At some point I'd disassembled the watch, for a totally unique build, but the parts remained unused. At some point later on, I saw a m2m deal on a PO 45mm cal 2500 replica, here on RWG and pulled the tricker. The imperfections on this one was even greater, than the previous watch, witch led me to the gen spare parts hunt. The gen parts I got was: Dial Complete bezel Crystal Hands I was thinking of changing the A2824-2 movement, to a 2892-2 movement, but since the A2824-2 movement keeps impeccable time and seems really really reliant, I thought I wait with the change. I also changed the bracelet to the one that came with the 8500 replica, because I better liked the style and feel of it. Also the way the double pushers is made, is just better than on the previous version. So now for what all are waiting for, som pictures: Old VS new dial, not much difference, but everything is a little more pronounced giving the text more of a pop effect : Starting Point Ending point: Staring point from a angle: Ending point with a angle: More shots of end Result: More pictures will follow:) Cheers
  3. Date setting changed

    It's doesn't matter? If it's in the morning, could just set the time 12 hours forward, and it would be in the afternoon;)
  4. Date setting changed

    How do you twist a stem?! You don't actually twist the stem as such but to someone who doesn't know about the Helicoidal/Helical Stem with the twist would possibly assume they have damaged it. Here is what it looks like. Yeah ok, well no it was bent, and the bent part was outside of the movement
  5. Date setting changed

    It is from a UPO 45,5mm. It was a little bent, if it was twisted it would act the same way as if it was straight, only it would have been weakened
  6. Date setting changed

    Yes thank you I have no clue on how this could happen. I have now removed the hands and reset them to 12:00, and so far it is working as intended, but I'm just a fraction nervous that it could happen again.
  7. Date setting changed

    I've tried to wind it 4 days, and it makes the change at the same time every time.. maybe the stem wasn't correct inserted when I tried the length of the stem out, and it might have screwed the date setting up? Can't really see any other explanation.
  8. Date setting changed

    I'm in Europe so, figure I should try to adjust it myself
  9. Date setting changed

    Hi everyone, I got a unusual problem, I hope someone could shed some light on. A few months ago I bought a m2m watch here, it worked very well, but the crown couldn't screw all the way in. So last night I determined to shorten the stem. The stem accidendtely got a little bent when removing the crown from it (it was apperently glued with the best glue ever). After shorting the stem to the correct length (about 1 mm shorter), I noticed the stem was bent. I did of course break the stem while trying to bent it back. The movement must be a A2824-2, so I used a gen eta stem, and everything seemed to be working as it should. So today I put the watch on, and noticed that instead of changing the date at 12:00 sharp, it now changes the date at 6:43 sharp.. anyone who have any idea on how the f**k that happened? Any fix, or do I have to remove the hands and reset them to 12:00? Appreciate if anyone have heard of anything like this, or have any idea on what happened to the date setting. Cheers
  10. Aqua Terra Blue Dial comparison (pic heavy)

    The lighting have much to say in the pictures, the v6f almost look violet in some of the pictures but in reality it has no violet hue at all. I haven't hold the gen in my hand at the same time as the ones I have, but I have tried the gen on some times, and I can't se the difference on the color between those two. The new gen aqua terra might have a slightly darker color though, compared to the older version that my rep is replicated of.
  11. Aqua Terra Blue Dial comparison (pic heavy)

    Thanks:) Yes I agree, if I stood to choose between them, I would definitely choose the myota though
  12. New arrival Noob CrPo 45mm with pics

    I can't see the AR on the pictures. The good thing about no AR, is that the coatning doesn't get scratched. Beutiful piece you got though
  13. CrPO 45.5 Gen vs Rep... lots of pics!!

    Very nice comparison! Do you know which factory the rep is from?
  14. Aqua Terra Blue Dial comparison (pic heavy)

    Thank you, I think it took about 1,5 hours all in all, I hope it can help some of you to get a better picture of the watches
  15. Aqua Terra Blue Dial comparison (pic heavy)

    Thank you guys, for the kind words:) I guess that the ETA maybe is a BP, but not sure at all. I don't think the bracelets are from the same factory, they feel very different