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  1. Tissot - nice and cheap JOMA

    This looks the business. I would get it but 44mm is too small for me
  2. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    frankly I would not take drawn sheep from SSteal even for free....
  3. Time goes bye

  4. cannot say about Asian but on 4 of my ETAs 6497-tried just now-story seems the same.... nothing wrong, me think...
  5. Building a Franken Speedmaster MOTM

    no, no, no!.... I mean yes, PBR is right. no.
  6. Spotted in my local FaceAche Selling page

    you will not....dial-dot is stuck in movement which is not working...
  7. McGilli's Panerai 177 Review

    Stu, doing it in the bathroom (I ALWAYS do it in there) is main reason most of reps are now water pre-tested!
  8. Spotted in my local FaceAche Selling page

    I know whooz piece is it...
  9. no, no no..... I prefer more JLC Master Tourbillon....... carry on......
  10. Mary is ruining all the fun about this post.... ...so now it can be deleted, locked, goulashed, whatever....
  11. Which one should I keep?

    Accutron for the loose....
  12. HELP!! Broken clasp thingy

    must admit that I never had problems like that and really cannot help you, OP... also must admit that I wear only leather straps.....
  13. bought few pieces from him in last 10 years, no problemos at all... of course, 95% of them are "marriage" pieces, without original cases and refurbished or aftermarket dials.... still, quality is fine and worth buying if you like them....
  14. what was OP's question again...? my brain cell hurts....