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  1. Watch spotting

    A1 sauce is out of any league, almost something absolute... just ask VDB... he still might have few litres of it in basement amongst old road bikes....
  2. cannnot help you with opinion DC, still hate APs....
  3. Watch spotting

    @Del... it is called "fashion"...
  4. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    well...this is a pic of real watch...hmmmmmm.....
  5. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    happened to me too few years ago, just when I was changing pills... here, more blurry pics might even help.
  6. Makara Sea Turtle cheap Massdrop

    sorry..... no good reply from me.... I read it as Makara sea turtle soup...
  7. Fkn eBay / PayPal drama

    sure they do, Stu.... but for SS.... you need australian type of road train.
  8. Look What I Found

    still cannot make up my mind-is the bezel fully rounded or not?
  9. welcome mate. meet few of our finest girls here....
  10. Shenzhen, China

    I smell a rat....
  11. The seawater is a bitch!

  12. The seawater is a bitch!

    very bad result, mate. did you swim in dead sea by any chance..?
  13. Starter Panerai

    this one is nice-big, light, properly made, waffle dial is great.....and destro so easy to wear... http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_47&products_id=16713
  14. Look What I Got for $1500

    nice pair....although I do not like white-dialed stuff...... howza lume?
  15. Oh, Invicta...pic made me impotent for fortnight..... oh, wait, I am already..... carry on....