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  1. Let's play a game... BENJAMINBUTTON WON!!

    Is that my house????
  2. Tc submariner V7 EXTREME

    Since your new here, i would suggest that you read TC's blog very well before you post your comment or reaction regarding his work. i understand your feeling about not getting what you expected but you have to know that TC is not an ordinary Trusted dealer like the others. he doesn't do this for money but does this for a hobby and obsession of making the best REP sub. So, don't complain if he doesn't reply to your e-mails because you complained a lot about scratches on your watch and he probably got annoyed. Remember, he doesn't make any money out of making TC Subs. If you can't appreciate his work then he has the right not to reply to you, There is no such thing as 1:1 rep. if you complain about small details then you should probably just get a gen cause there is no perfect rep.
  3. Perfect clones website

    I think the new site sucks! it' was so much easier to search for the watch you want on the old site.
  4. does TC offer a Sub no date 14060?

    i don't think he does. wish he did!
  5. It's domed, and it's beautiful!

    Congrats! mine say hi!
  6. I was thinking the same thing before. this would be a way better rep than the 15202 cause the case back would be really closed compared to the gen 15202.
  7. Who has the more accurate dial? Tudor pelagos blue

    Completely agree! that blue dial and bezel just won't stop calling me!
  8. Who has the more accurate dial? Tudor pelagos blue

    Yeah, it's really hard to choose cause in the pics the kw looks more accurate to me but people said the zf is more accurate.
  9. Hey guys, wanted to ask if anyone can tell me who has the more accurate or (closest to gen) dial with Tudor pelagos blue. ZF or KW??? cause i can't seem find a comparison between the two and no reviews of the KW either.
  10. Pam 005 unitas 6497 problem

    it is an option but i have to try what GenTle recomended cause it might save me money compared to having it sent across the country and spending money.
  11. Pam 005 unitas 6497 problem

    Thanks for the very detailed instructions and advice GenTLe!
  12. Pam 005 unitas 6497 problem

    yup, will do so when i get back from vacation.
  13. Pam 005 unitas 6497 problem

    This is how it always looks when it stops. i'm guessing the hands meet but as GenTle said, it could be dust cause sometimes it runs well, but when it does stop, it stops at 8.
  14. Pam 005 unitas 6497 problem

    This is really weird, at first i was thinking that the hour hand would hit the seconds hand cause everytime i noticed it stops, it always stops at 8, sometimes it also doesn't stop and would run for a full 56 hours. and when it does stop, i pull out the crown and set the time and it starts running again.