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  1. Genuine Wrist Check - July 17

    Wow. Not seen another one for a while. Seems we have good taste bro Nice set up with the strap! I may have to borrow that idea someday.
  2. Genuine Wrist Check - July 17

    Thanks! Beefy yet light and very comfy This has got to be one of my fave timepiece in this fora. Proper salute!
  3. Genuine Wrist Check - July 17

    The Black Samurai!
  4. New Week Wrist Check - 3rd July 2017

    The Black Samurai!
  5. SOTC Watch Thread!!! 06/09/17

  6. Please Translate

    G. GERLACH DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION POLISH TECHNICAL THOUGHT And precision mechanics terms of warranty terms of warranty The watch was produced with extremely high-precision parts, all quality control requirements which has been subjected to the manufacturer. Warranty is granted for a period of 24 months from the date of sale. In the case of defects in operation and construction defects found during normal use (under warranty) watch is subject to the free repair. Advertising on the cost of providing the watch with a properly completed warranty card to the point of purchase. Complaint will be up to 28 days. However, the total duration of the repair may be extended by the execution time and the waiting time for a replacement from the supplier. After the repair touted the watch will be returned to the sender by the service. Accidental damage to the dial mechanism, etc. At the moment of breaking glass is not covered by warranty The warranty is valid from the date of purchase; storage and maintenance of the watch and other damage caused by the fault of the user. Repair or watch its opening by a - Damages resulting from failure to use the equipment contrary to its purpose The guarantee does not cover the activities provided in the instruction manual for the implementation of which is required to you on their own and at their own expense and action, measurement accuracy, maintenance and cleaning Tear on the outer shell of the watch and bracelets. Damage to the envelopes, bracelets (including telescopes) Defects caused by random events. Changing the battery, telescope or break the glass is not regarded as a watch repair, the same w / the activities are not entered as warranty repairs. This warranty does not exclude, limit or hangs rights of the buyer arising from the non-conformities agreement. Customer has the right to exchange the watch for new. if: Within the warranty period will be made three repairs, after which watch the fourth notification Bedz: showed the same defect The removal of defects is impossible. When the product is replaced with a new one deducts the equivalent components missing or damaged by customer and the cost of their replacement. In the case of delivery to the site of the watch fully operational costs of inspection, testing and shipment no free Sold on: 12-02-2015 Thank you for taking the time to translate this.
  7. Please Translate

    Thank you very much gentlemen, I've got the answer I was looking for. Thank you all for the inputs.
  8. Please Translate

    24 months from 12.02.2015 is 12.02.2017 Yes. Your point being....? How is this out of warranty, sir? Shouldn't it be valid until december this year?
  9. Please Translate

    24 months from 12.02.2015 is 12.02.2017