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  1. newbie from tamworth england

    thanks everyone, is there a difference in the stainless steels concerning how polished or shiny they are? as you can tell I am very much a newbie! I am looking at a breitling from silix and was wondering as far as the looks of the watches is there a big difference between the economy and quality watches? I purchased a tag watch from a turkey holiday 11 years ago for £40 and it still works perfectly and is my main watch at the mo! I would like to buy a few more now tho! many thanks everyone kind regards pete
  2. hi there everyone, I must say this site is great and very informative, now comes my question! can someone tell me what the difference is between stainless steel and 316 stainless steel? I am thinking of buying two watches that are stainless steel from silix from their economy range but was then wondering what the main differences there is between the economy and the quality watches, I understand that the movements are better but what else is different? as I don't know weather to buy a few economy or one quality? any help would be greatly appreciated. kind regards pete
  3. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi conex, this is the watch with the dust in it, I am quite happy to have a go at cleaning the inside of the glass but I could do with a few tips on how to take it apart, please excuse the size of the photo as I am trying to get to grips with posting photos, this is the other cheapy watch http://www.silix-prime.so/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=116_231&products_id=3869 its a nice watch and I just wish it was working properly as I prefer the look of it! many thanks everyone for replying, pete
  4. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi rj, your right I did get the email saying that! unfortunately I don't have a repairer anywhere near where I live, did silix resolve it for yourself? may I ask you what watches you have purchased from silix and if you buy from other dealers, kind regards pete
  5. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi hornet, neither watch was expensive, one was $72 and the other was a special at $35 so I haven't broke the bank, thanks for the repairer info also, I am trying to get to grips with all the different movements and everything else but there is quite a lot to take in! I purchased the first watches to get me going, many thanks again pete
  6. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi simey, I thought the breitling looked fantastic, I don't think my budget can stretch to a genuine one! I would love to get a good rep of it though, kind regards pete
  7. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi russ, thanks for the reply, its nice to know that I hopefully will get the watches sorted, I am always courteous as being rude isn't polite! I will email michelle again to see if we can sort it out, kind regards pete
  8. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi del again, I say I have been put off buying any more watches but I have just looked at your collection and they are all very very nice watches but the breitling is absolutely gorgeous, I know it is probably cheeky but may I ask where you purchased it from? kind regards again, pete
  9. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi del, I have wound the watch up but unfortunately it is still stopping intermittently! I think the inside of the glass needs cleaning on the other watch as its more of a dust smear, I have tried to upload a photo but I don't seem to be able to manage it, how easy is it to take the watch apart to clean the glass? as I would have a go at doing that myself, I must admit the fact there is a problem with both watches has rather put me off purchasing any more, I was not expecting them to be perfect but I am a little disappointed, thanks again for all of your advice, kind regards pete
  10. 2 watches from silix with problems

    hi dalboy, I am based in tamworth England, pete
  11. hi there everyone, I purchased two omega watches from silix and one of them has dust on the underside of the glass and the other only works intermittently! the orange one was a special and works better of my wrist as when I put it on my wrist it stops intermittently! the black one was 72 dollars and that is the one with dust in it, is there any way I can remove the dust without damaging it? and is there any way to make the orange one work better? I have emailed silix and all they say is to take them to my own repairers! any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks pete
  12. How patient do you have to be?

    thanks everyone, like I have said I am very new to this game, but I have found this site and its members to be a fountain of knowledge and it is very much appreciated, I can understand how addictive this might get as I am already looking at another watch for myself and watches for my wife and eldest daughter! and that's before I have received my first 2! I say the first 2 but I already have a tag that I bought 10 years ago from turkey and it is still in perfect working order, many thanks again from a very new member from Tamworth pete
  13. hi everyone, I ordered my first 2 watches on the 17th may from silix and I had confirmation they had received my payment on the 18th, I then emailed michelle on the 22nd to ask how it was going, she was very quick to reply to say she was expecting the watches the next day and would then send me the qc pics, since then I have not heard anything, I don't want to be impatient but I am really looking forward to receiving the watches, I can also see why there are a lot of comments on here how addictive this watch game can get, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks pete
  14. New guy from england

    hi DD_Ash, thanks for the welcome, I will certainly Check out Member to Member sales, its not something I have done yet, thanks pete
  15. New guy from england

    hi everyone again. I emailed michelle at silix and she replied straight away saying that my watches would be there 23/5 and then they would send me my qc photos, I was hoping she would have sent the photos today but I have had no email, I probably sound very impatient, I am not and I am fine with the process but I am just looking forward to getting the watches, my wife and eldest daughter have chosen a few watches they would like too so hopefully the watches will be just what I wanted and then I will be ordering a couple more, thanks again everyone. pete