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  1. Worth noting a gen Rolex crystal will never look anywhere near as good as a prof crystal. Definitely an improvement to any watch but also less gen like
  2. I actually think it looks really good! And the kuvarsit photo looks awful!
  3. It's just decorative forget about it, mine fell off so I opened the caseback took it out and sealed it back up. No one will ever notice! Mines been passed round a table of the most anal people you can find when it comes to watch details (replica watch forum members) and they all complimented the watch and not one of them noticed missing decorations on the movement
  4. Read this: Then this Then pick a dealer from here
  5. Always a tough choice, I think it looks better matched but most old gens you see don't match
  6. yes and no... Some people prefer to skip the discount for the convenience of card payment
  7. no chance it's a pain in the arse for them to accept them and it costs them high % rates hence the discounts for "cash" and WU or BT is a cash equivalent ie no fees and no chargebacks WU is pretty easy to be honest done online and the fees aren't too bad, transferwise is easy too and even lower fees
  8. Some good points thanks for taking the time I only ever remove the caseback if something is broken
  9. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    I just found the calendar tab on the homepage and was trying to work out its purpose when I realised I could add events to it. Honestly still don't really understand what it does though
  10. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    I've added this to the forum calendar .... Honestly no fucking idea what that means but found the calendar function and it seemed rude no to
  11. They could... By using real gems and not cut glass, this would however make the watch considerably more expensive
  12. Ignoring the fact that this is comparing 2 completely different models.... The pearl on the 5 digit is not centred and does look a bit shit
  13. Has anyone have a replica like this?

    But this claims to be miyota not a 7750.. It also claims it's actually a coaxial escapement so I'd go the other way and assume nothing works