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  1. Is this GEN Sellita movement?

    There definitely are... Don't underestimate China! Especially with this sooo easy to rep remember that the sw200 is just an eta clone all the repmaker has to do is stamp sellita logos where they normally stamp eta logos on... And in them potatoes the stampings don't look too crisp
  2. Is this GEN Sellita movement?

    From the way you can see the finishing it looks good enough to be Swiss but the [sic] "potato" quality is not good enough to be certain
  3. You'll find nothing useful until you disect it. Worth as well as GenTLe's examples comparing some further zoomed out pictures where you can see the crown you'll see everything is in the completely wrong place (I'd link a couple but 3 whiskeys in now)
  4. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    Awww that Patek..... Some little features are actually really damn nice especially @ <$60 but some parts of it are so laughably bad I can't believe that they made it into production China ftw
  5. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    Well... I think Stu probably is
  6. Video of China mall with watches

    ok now you pay me la
  7. Love that second counter! Kinda like on my solar g I keep it in a dark drawer because I like the way the dial fades back into life when you bring it onto the light, something almost analogue about it
  8. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    No fucking way that was worth $300 but if you found a moron to pay you double that then its a win for you, personally would feel pretty bad taking that much off someone for that shit but if they were desperate enough to buy it to hand that money over more fool them
  9. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    That's awful personally I'd be pretty pissed at paying $300 for a no brand 8215. Although if you have a $700 offer cash in now before the sucker changes their mind
  10. I've had a fair few rep g shocks in my time and whilst they may look decent in fact indistinguishable from the real deal the whole point of a G is that you can wear it and abuse it water knocks hell I even threw one of my old ones at wall to prove it cant be damaged (it wasn't) and as good as the reps look they just cant take the beats
  11. Best I can find on a 5600 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-Casio-G-Shock-DW-5600E-1-Multi-Alarm-Watch-/282619055064?epid=1042450554&hash=item41cd688bd8:g:9oUAAOSwa~BYZ0H9 or slightly more for the red eye (but ships from HK) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DW-5600MS-1D-Black-Red-Eye-Casio-G-shock-Mens-Watches-200m-Resin-Band-Classic-/142297167173?hash=item2121927545:g:POwAAOSwmLlX99~t Unless you go pre owned: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Casio-G-Shock-DW-5600E-Module-3229-in-Black-Good-Condition-/172829042036?hash=item283d69e574:g:XSIAAOSwr2ZZmdYQ Or a bargain here on a 7900: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Casio-G-7900A-7ER-Mens-G-Shock-G-Rescue-White-Watch-RRP-105-/391851429956?epid=1209075353&hash=item5b3c2a5044:g:~ScAAMXQVT9S~slY To be honest I'd go for the white one, actually a little bit tempted even though I already have a 7900 in the collection and already have a different white G shock
  12. Those 2 are both massive. I have a few G shocks and was never really interested in either of those models As a first foray into the land of G my choices would either be a 5600 model Or a 7900
  13. Can i fix my Milgauss ?

    Also look up the correct crown stem removal method for your particular movement
  14. Can i fix my Milgauss ?

    You're gonna have to pop the bezel then the crystal should just lift off... You will need a crystal press to put it back together though. Vest way is to take the caseback off and drop the whole movement out the back