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  1. Anyone owns one of these?

    reassembled using all gen parts too
  2. Anyone owns one of these?

    look at how the bracelet attaches to the endlinks you may just have put me off watches completely
  3. Anyone owns one of these?

    I don't own one but ill still share what I think of it..... Its fucking awful Its like they took the worst parts of a load of watches made them worse then sent to the invicta factory to be assembled by a team of blind watchmakers
  4. TD ore one of these sites for an Omega in UK?

    Narikaa (on the TD list) does have stock int heb UK he could get to you well before Xmas but theres no Omega models left in his UK stock although he does have a good selection of TAG along with a few Rolex and Hublots... Otherwise I wouldn't count on getting it before the new year, there's of course a decent chance you could order from any of the other dealers pay for DHL express shipping and get it next week but also almost as good a chance it will be January.......
  5. Can see the direct resemblance between the two
  6. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Get it right it's a time waster from the idiot forum.... We all idiots here
  7. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    What the actual fuck, I only read the original sales thread yesterday but just realised there are 2 so read the new one..... The lying scamming prick! Quotes from Mickey himself; Sale one: Second attempt: You can see a pretty big reflection across the face of the crystal something I have yet to see on a prof..................... So the crystal is gen?????? @Mike on a bike @wimpie007 Surely its time now for him to go bye bye from all the rep fora
  8. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Steel actually fixed a few of my watches.... Of the two I still have, one doesn't work and the one that does was subsequently fixed by rolie.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322911512861?ul_noapp=true Fucking scamming twat! Half arsed attempt in the listing to say its a fake but lefty it so vague most people will still fall for it @narikaa This one of yours? The soft pouch it is pictured with looks somewhat familiar
  10. About as close as my speedy will get to the moon..........
  11. OK, I'm a fool

    Stick with the TD's http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?/forum/361-mdk-strap-works/ MDK does some awesome work, similar skin for a similar watch here's what he made me:
  12. THE DC REVIEW: KVF Richard Mille RM011

    Superb review now I always had a soft spot for RM and now I really want this watch.... Just can't ever see myself throwing $600 at a rep as much as I like the design and it may be well put together it's a good chunk towards a nice gen... Realised recently that maybe I've now got myself a limit in place of what I can spend on a rep and don't think I'll ever break the £200 mark again. Didn't intend to do this but it just seems to have happened, seen some insane deals on m2m recently but held back because it's just not rep money any more if that makes sense. Still enough waffle on that I really do applaud you guys who can keep buying the top end stuff even if I don't, keeps the forum exciting, and as the new better models come out every now and then the old version gets price slashes so I can buy it
  13. DAMN that's awesome! Looks great even as a macro photo filling a 24in monitor so will look perfect 26mm IRL This should be an amazing project when finished but please tell me you removing that pearl from your insert
  14. Yorkshire spring GTG 2018

    Looks like this could be the biggest turnout yet