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  1. No man, you didn't. You posted a non-sense rant, asking for help but NOT explaining anything about the fact you was ranting about. People, trying to understand, asked to be more clear and you didn't, people got bored of this idiotic behavior (because it IS an idiotic behavior) and started to play, you started to call names and self fucked yourself. I hope you are under 20 because I wouldn't accept anything like that from a grown up man.
  2. Newcomer with an Omega

    Nice watch man. Did you order them from a trusted dealer, I hope
  3. Winding seems tight on Asian 2836

    Are you comparing it with others with the same movement, or it's an absolute sensation? Probably it will need proper lubrication in the reversing gears: https://rwg.cc/topic/180990-lubricating-eta-timedate-movement-reverse-gears-how-to/
  4. Wrist size

    Of course it matters. My wrist is 19.5cm (7.7 in) and apart few watches that are ok also if small (like the 36mm rolexes), I wear only 40+mm watches because the others look silly. Same for watches over 46mm
  5. Planet ocean basel 2016 black and white rep

    Yes, BP did one: http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=17045 The gen insert is 2 colours, just inverted between the halfs, but BP used the colours of the old liquid metal one, so instead to be black and white, it is black and chrome...
  6. Omega PO bezel not centered

    Thanks, I discovered why I use the lupe always with the left eye, it's the master one
  7. cancel purchased from toro?

    Why don't you write him a mail or a PM?
  8. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    Who cares about the case... 316L is good enough! Get a good movement, this is what we want.
  9. Rolex Explorer II rep Repair

    You have strange tastes mate. Anyway, my suggestion is to go on this one: http://aootime678.com/Replica-Rolex-Explorer-II-Swiss-42mm-Black-Dial-A2836-DT-Maker-60204.html or alternatively, this one: http://aootime678.com/Replica-Rolex-Explorer-II-Swiss-42mm-Noob-1-1-Black-Dial-A2836-60201.html
  10. All the jewels you can see on that watch are yes: fake ones for the show. Same for the fake regulation arms (the real ones are below the fake ones, making the regulation a bit difficult actually). The balance is real. Another example (again on a Miyota 9015) is this one of a JF 15400. The regulator arm is real, the hair spring stud is covered by the fake balance bridge with fake end jewels and spring. Also the gear that is partially covering the regulation marks on the real balance bridge is fake, as like as the other one next to the letter A of Audermars on the rotor. Check the differences with the same movement, but undecorated, below
  11. Can i fix my Milgauss ?

    I quote all! If you don't have a movement holder, remove the counterweight/rotor because fitting a hand with the movement that rotates around (being it laying on the counterweight) is a mess. And be extra-sure that the second hand tube is centered on the pinion, and don't put too much pressure on the top of the hand to avoid pushing out the jewel at the other side of the second hand gear shaft.
  12. Omega PO bezel not centered

    There is a way, but it is a delicate operation: removing the bezel, detach the ceramic insert with a scalpel from below taking a lot of care not to twist the ceramic insert (it will break), clean it from the glue underside, clean the bezel, reinstall the bezel and put back the insert with new glue so that it will perfectly centered... I did it 3 times (on Rolexes) and you need steady hands, be slow, delicate and have the right tools. So, to answer your question: yes, it is feasible and you don't need a new watch. But I don't suggest you to do it yourself if you have not good hands for DIY works.
  13. It depends who you're dealing with If you do a mistake on a watch that is not your, then you have to fix it with your own money. But in a case like that it wasn't a mistake of me but a bad painting process from the factory, and the owner of the watch understood it and paid for the new dial. But he is a grown up manager, not a 17 years old selfish guy... Personally I've read people here that I'd never ever want to deal with because they simply have unrealistic expectations, and that means troubles
  14. Look here: http://www.band16.com/ the site is damn slow to load, but it's the Linamarket site, so eventually you can communicate with her (Lina Hu) writing to her AliExpress address here: https://zlimsn.aliexpress.com/store/217871 Another option is to check here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1824407 and write to the store owner with the pics of yours. Finally just search "glidelock" in Aliexpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170818125644&SearchText=glidelock)
  15. Happened on a Noob GMT Master 2 that I opened to service it for a colleague that got it from Toro through me. The moment I took out the movement from the case, part of the paint remained attached to the case, detaching from the dial. Asked Toro and bought a new one for like 45$ shipped or something like that.