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  1. puretime

    Because stupid people are stupid...
  2. Can we really trust "trusted dealers"?

    Maybe you didn't notice they sell "counterfeit goods"? Hence all the injunctions based on the reports of LV group, Richmond etc etc etc...
  3. The "post your Rolex" thread

    BP with Miyota? I got the same, with a faulty (after 3 days of use) 9015. Swapped a new movement in it and discovered that the only problem of the old movement was that the mainspring barrel got opened (hense the low amplitude). Lovely watch! Mine had the not "decorated" Miyota inside, a good way to spare some cash on a closed caseback watch and to facilitate maintenance
  4. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Thank you mate Unfortunately they didn't sell so well so the only way to get them now is M2M
  5. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    Nope, the 123 is this one: Mine is a Noob factory B&R 02-92 1000m on a leather strap. Some years ago they were on Sale at Torobravo for a very good price (and the quality of this thing is simply great).
  6. New week wrist check w/c 16/10/2017

    I actually love this one...
  7. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    Because "Hublot" is "Porthole", and no real porthole has aligned bolts on them.
  8. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    Or this at 42mm:
  9. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    Well, this is nice too, even if the dial in leather looks strange:
  10. Resetting second hand on A7750

    Start the chrono and stop it with no reset when it's at 12 sharp...
  11. SARB017 Alpinist - strap options?

    It's already there, with 3 different clasps. Not cheap eh... Here: https://www.strapcode.com/store/order-20mm-angus-jubilee-316l-stainless-steel-watch-bracelet-seiko-alpinist-sarb017-brushed-button-chamfer-p-4937.html https://www.strapcode.com/store/order-20mm-angus-jubilee-316l-stainless-steel-watch-bracelet-seiko-alpinist-sarb017-brushed-submariner-clasp-p-4938.html https://www.strapcode.com/store/order-20mm-angus-jubilee-316l-stainless-steel-watch-bracelet-seiko-alpinist-sarb017-brushedpolished-clasp-p-4936.html
  12. Hi mate, please do a small modification to your original post. If someone isn't aware it can really ruin the gears. After you removed the autowind bridge it is VERY important to, keeping the crown in the manual winding position and having the crown between the fingers, to unload any residual charge of the mainspring by opening the click. Then, BEFORE to unscrew and lift the main wheel train bridge, detach the ratchet wheel (the one screwed on the top of the main spring barrel) and only AFTER remove the wheel train bridge. If there is any residual charge in the barrel when you lift the wheel train bridge you'll ruin the train wheels...
  13. Miyota 9015 issues

    The 9015 DEFINITIVELY hack. The problem you have requires, to be fixed, this process ->
  14. What movement is this?

    ^ this. The part that can tell if it's swiss or not is mainly the balance bridge and its surroundings.
  15. Considering Buying rep in Several ones

    Mate, if you're going to buy from watchoutlet01 you'd better to read carefully the terms and conditions. I often use them but: 1) they're not a TD here, so if something goes wrong you'll be alone with no help from the moderators 2) there's no guarantee in case of problem nor replacement if the watch gets taken from the customs. About the model, it's written in the description: http://watchoutlet01.com/blue-pelagos-v6f-1-1-best-edition-on-titanium-bracelet-a2824.html "BLUE PELAGOS V6F 1:1 BEST EDITION ON TITANIUM BRACELET A2824" Finally, about the 44mm submersible, these, for instance: http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=243&product_id=1540 http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=35_58&product_id=1878 (this has also a great strap!) http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=35_58&product_id=2301 http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=35_58&product_id=1992