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  1. My first Panerai rep, a PAM684

    The Luminor Duo is a fucking fraud. The gen I mean. It has a snap-on caseback and 30m water resistance... On a Panerai. With a crownguard like that. Robbed money if you ask me...
  2. Tag Carreras calibre 5 anyone?

    Get them ALL!
  3. Tag Carreras calibre 5 anyone?

    It's a simple watch and Calibre 5 is an ETA 2824 therefore the rep can be considered a super rep having the same movement too. Toro has all 3 dials (check better your linked page)
  4. Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf

    Thanks guys
  5. Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf

    Updated the initial post with refinement finished. I also checked the water resistance to 5 bar: all good to go! [emoji4]
  6. Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf

    I will add the pics and process at the 1st post to make it more readable
  7. Beautiful! For the deployant, just write to Lina here: www.band16.com
  8. Greg we need some more pics of this... Pleseeeeeee Is this a Gen mate? It seems to have the perfect insert (not with orange filled with orange paint)
  9. Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf

    One of the watches I've always fancied was the Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf. I wanted a yellow dialed watch, but unfortunately the H Factory one was either too expensive (the Swiss ETA one) or with a shoddy caliper (the one with POS movement), and also I didn't like the pale yellow and black numbers of the older model (here below the old vs the new model): Within this year they also released a version that at the beginning was attracting my attention, just to get after few minutes that they completely missed the dial color, using the old one instead of the new "cobra yellow" as they should have done (https://www.intime01.co/breitling/3346-seawolf-ss-1-1-best-edition-superlumed-yellow-dial-number-markers-on-green-leather-strap-a2824super-thick-crystal.html Pic from InTime, TD over RWI): I also have been tempted to get the new special edition DLC one as soon as it came on the market (GF Factory, like this: https://www.intime01.co/breitling/3985-avenger-ii-seawolf-pvd-gf-1-1-best-edition-yellow-dial-on-black-nylon-strap-a2824.html): but I know I get bored easily with black case watches, so I waited and waited... And finally they managed to release a good SS case one with a proper yellow color (pic from Torobravo, here still with plastic protections on the case): Since finally I am well confident about my tinkering skills (and I'm completely NOT confident about the "send back to repair" guarantee option from all the TDs), I went for a wholesaler TD of RWI: http://watchoutlet01.com/watches/breitling/avenger/avenger-ii-seawolf-ss-gf-1-1-best-edition-yellow-dial-on-black-rubber-strap-a2824.html where I chose the "Chinase tracked airmail" saving a good ~95$ (230$+14$ shipping VS 298$+50$ shipping from a standard TD). It has been a bit of pain to pay because I sent money with WU just 2 days before they told me that their WU receiver had been banned for reaching the receive amount limit, so I had to reverse the payment, and the name they gave me later as new receiver was so long that it wasn't possible to write it completely in the WU online form (I always use online "bank transfer to cash" formula due to the fact that it costs me only 5$ here in Italy, without the stupid commissions of the in-person WU transaction), and therefore I had to call again WU to change that name a little (luckily they permitted me to do that). Anyway just the payment process took more than 15 days... Finally they messed-up with shipment (after I accepted the QC pics) and sent me the watch over DHL, which is "the evil" here in IT. I had been VERY LUCKY and the watch passed the customs (at least they declared it as I suggested: "Measurement tool") and it arrived from China to Italy in 2 days over the weekend [emoji4] Anyway it's here now. Comments about it: the case is really well built, with the most impressive part being the sand-blasted area on the back: smooth and perfectly executed a couple of small defects (already seen in the QC pics, but accepted as fixable by me and you never know the next one which defects could have presented...) are the dial which is a bit rotated, making the date to sit a bit low in the window, and the bezel which is not 100% aligned (let's see after I've fixed the dial) the movement is a standard a2824, it runs quite well but it is COMPLETELY dry (and therefore a bit noisy). I've already disassembled it to service it. The novelty of the movement is that it has an Incabloc spring instead of the classic Asian Novodiac antishock, making it to be exactly like the gen movement [emoji4] By the way, a couple of pics of it as I received it and removed all the protective film. The color looks perfect and the way that the polished numbers look shiny or black depending on the light is amazing, but you can see the date a bit low and on the left and the bezel how it should be to be nearly centered with the case: And this is how I left it this morning before to go to work, but after correcting the dial placement and centering the date (I did it before to start to disassemble the movement for the service): Ah, and here the first check to the movement, before starting to work on it: And this is why I decided to do the service AFTER the modifications to the dial to center it. Apparently the movement was fully clean but this is what remained in the first cleaning bath, all that gold debris was in the movement: About the movement: apart the incablock antishok sprint, it's a pretty standard A2824. It doesn't have any overlay on the date wheel and it is well refinished. Here a pic at the end of the service: Here is what I meant for "perfect finishing on the back", it's lovely: And finished: Plus the obligatory wristy:
  10. No, but for the price of a good rep (460€) you can have a similar gen mechanical chronograph watch: http://lamberti-orologiai.com/cronografi-meccanici/manuali.html
  11. Strap comparison opinions

    That was my first choice but unfortunately it's unavailable :(
  12. Post your IWC watches here!

    Exactly mate I just need to verify if the DW will be centered on this too, I hope so!
  13. New breed of A2824/2836?

    I need the original
  14. Post your IWC watches here!

    Arrived today. This will bring my grey dial BP to a new level (the old dial is a reddish grey):