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  1. Which Franck Muller Are You Wearing Today?

    Grey gen dial crazy hours with upgraded hands and 3rd party bracelet attached
  2. Sunset Francklin

    Sunset Gen Dial Francklin
  3. Vanguards ETA Clone Automatic

    Some of these do have lips, and you are right some of the vanguards do have a more profound lip ,there is quite a few various models now in the gen world and now special editions have started to come in circulation
  4. Vanguards ETA Clone Automatic

    Vanguards Wristie grey brushed camo beige black camo blue polished camo black polished Black Red polished Black Red black pvd Black brushed Black Red brushed Vanguard brushed with black beige camo Trio Black Red Black pvd Black Red vanguard Black vanguard
  5. Franck Muller Vegas - Is it a Super Rep?

    Gen dial build video with working roulette I had a few years back Rep dial video worth working roulette the only thing with rep Vegas a lot of the Vegas roulette hands are misaligned so I done a lot of realignment on them , they are great fun watches so don't worry about super reps etc because Greg is spot on because most people wouldn't have a clue ;) Green Blue Blue Long Island Vegas Silver I changed the hands to a better set Video of the rep movement for the geeko's among us :) here is a lot more videos for the curiosity on FMs, https://vimeo.com/user37477185 Enjoy ;)
  6. Which Franck Muller Are You Wearing Today?

    I wanted realign the hands but at the same time I gave it a silver & white hands upgrade,cleaned the dial put on bracelet , now boom green 8880 crazy hours :) Wristie
  7. Post Your PANERAI Pics Here!

    Pam 111 v4 v whatever :)
  8. HOT PAM! Oh and some Rolexes.

    One winner you know what is by your reaction to it ;) I'm surprised with Pams myself and I got the bug , so have you I see he!he! Enjoy
  9. Which Franck Muller Are You Wearing Today?

    this is the wrong thread to ask questions I'm afraid do it in the general discussion I will reply but I can tell you there is no convincing FM tourbillins for $200 I'm afraid, actually the good tourbillin FMs go a lot more 2nd hand
  10. Crazy Hours Long Island Francklins

    Gen dials Long Island crazy hours and standard date version 2017 I did 4 of these cases with bracelets I tell you what I'm not doing it again because this style has rod bars and screw in heads instead of thiner classic springbars on most watches and time you drill the holes bigger on the bracelet to accept them it's not for the faint hearted or quick in my experience, unless you got a Rambo style drill , but me being me I did it because I don't like being defeated & personally I prefer steel then leather anyway, I had 5 bracelets & I couldn't be bothered to do the 5th after burning out all my drill bits I had for my Dremel handheld style drill I'm going to have 2 in my personal collection maybe try to be brave to get it down to one he!he! help me decide I'm leaning towards the red crazy hour as a keeper
  11. Which Franck Muller Are You Wearing Today?

    I think I put this in my wrist later, burgundy red gen dial Long Island
  12. Post Your PANERAI Pics Here!

    Pam wristie Actually I'm waiting for extra links so I can shut the clasp but you get the idea how it looks on my wrist :)
  13. All hail the King

    I got some brand new gen dials awhile back I think this will be something I should do this year while I think about it different shape versions
  14. All hail the King

    which dealer is this watch from I have tried looking but cant find, also how have the stones lasted, do they pop or are they dull I didn't have them long actually, I didn't have big enough wrists for them, but I'm sure the stones are fine because I had a Long Island stones case it was fine for ages and a guy had it for a year and sold it and when I looked at the pics the stones was there none missing and looked the same "not dull" Hope this info helps ;)