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  1. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    Are you still here?
  2. Results of Watch Gang Subscription

    That thing is fucking awful sorry. No named brand.. 8215 movement.. mineral crystal... that Cyclops! . thats a $50 Chinese piece of junk. Don't think twice about getting your money back if you can! Profit!? Those buyers are nuts..
  3. Rolex reps made with 904L steel

    The chrono registers are faux. Really confusing movement.. seconds at 6 and central chrono hand starts and resets.. but that's it
  4. Oh lordy. If we were comparing those two watches I think the pearl is the least of your problems. Let's see.. different case.. check.. different bezel... check.. different dial... check.. different bracelet... check.. As others have pointed out... they are different watches... and gen 5 digit subs have the pearl protruding over the edge of the triangle... gasp.. I never say things like this but.. Fucking noob
  5. Yeah, cause maybe its a real patek with a $29.00 Asian movement in it.
  6. Omega 8500 Movement

    There is no such thing. You will find a variety of movements used the most common being a modified miyota 8215 which is a reliable movement but suffers from a stuttering second hand. You may also find them in Miyota 9015 which is a great high beat movement or Asian 2824/36 - again - great movements. Anything that looks like a 8500 will just be a decoration plate glued to the existing asian or Japanese movement. Take note that you probably won't be able to just swap everything over from your existing asian 21j 2813 to a different type of movement as the dial and hands are unlikely to fit.
  7. Fake or replica

    If you want to get technical with the use of language it would be a fake (insert brand name here) but not a fake watch.
  8. Dirt Cheap Tissot

    Day number Pretty ridiculous.
  9. I know you all hate Invictas....but

    You've all lost it
  10. New week Wrist Check 31/7/17

    what not only a proper Wristy from Greg_R but a diver to boot. it is a rare day indeed Where's the damn vertical blinds!
  11. I used to change my watch every day, sometimes twice now I wear them for a week at a time usually. And now I've pretty much convinced myself that I could ditch them all and be very happy with just one gen 116600 and another beater for beach use.
  12. V7 116610 running faster and faster

    I wouldn't muck around with it unless it gets really serious. 22 seconds a day is something I could live with. It may stabilize?.
  13. Watch Gang Platinum

    Now this makes me sceptical because although I'm not knocking the brand they are all pretty cheap watches and usually can be had on special for 150 or under despite their normal sale price when released
  14. New Week Wrist Check - 17th July 2017

    The holly trinity of rep allignment
  15. For "The Astromaster"

    Umm hevwas gulaged and this is his 'sock'