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  1. New... but not Noob-New

    Nice collection there! Is that tank solo gen? Thank you.
  2. The Never Ending Seikos Wristies!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. Beautiful! Some info please?
  4. Hi my name is Anna

    Welcome Anna, that's my watch, this is one of the best reps I bought so far, very gen like, try to get the genuine alligator strap, good luck! Btw, pt was very quick, all together 7 days.
  5. Can you send me information about the Reverso, (TD, price, pics)? The design is so unique. Sure thing, pure time, $248.00, jlc tribute to 1931, very nicely built, should've gone with the alligator strap for 338.00, this one is scraping around the lugs, I tried other straps but the lugs stick out to much. These stock straps have a little plastic insert that keeps them in place, leveled with the lugs. Told myself stop buying reps, but I'm enjoying this one a lot, pretty much super rep Imo. Good luck!
  6. Let me know if you have more questions.