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  1. I also didnt know this!! Thank you Mate. Made my day!! Oh and PS. I love the world timer, I am going to re-read the whole thread now. Just looked at all your pictures - all I have to say it WOW!!! WOW!! This may be my favorite post. Amazing work!! I love that the 24 hour hand moves and it works. Just amazing!!! Thanks again!
  2. I know this is an old thread, but any chance to see these pics. So many forum posts are gone now, because of that hosting service. :( World timers are my favorite and.... frankly world timer reps are hard to find. (any suggestions?) Anyway, would love to see this. Thanks everyone anyway, I still learn a ton.
  3. What’s your best rep?

    This is exactly the topic I would have wanted to ask. I hate to be cliche', but Id also love a TC Sub. My new Tudor Black bay is amazing and for me its super close to GEN, so I love it. Keep it up!!!
  4. Submariner 5513 budget build.

    I know this is an old thread, but I am learning. What is wrong with this crown? Im just curious. Took a quick look on the web and it looks okay to my noob eyes. (anyone) Too thick?
  5. Rich, I just want to say thanks from all of us. Great work and inspiration.
  6. Just a tip!! I have had MANY (4) Rubber B straps. Both from ebay (they are 20 dollars there, FYI) and members here. The rep-Rubber B straps DO NOT FIT the new subs/GMTs. They fit the old (non ceramic subs, etc. They also fit sea dwellers, etc) there is a spacing thing with them. The place where I buy them states, "do not use them for subs". They fit explorers, sea dwellers, old GMTs, I think daytonas, etc. etc. Because of that EXACT reason you described. And when you try to shave them, its like a tire... there are these cheap metal wires, that keep the rubber B in place. (or whatever) But yes.. the bands are great IMO for the money, but only for certain watches. You are exactly correct. I tried to write it up, quick and dirty, but you are exactly correct.
  7. IWC pilot worldtimer

    Shoot. It would have been better (or more funny) if I was sarcastic. But than again, maybe not. Ya know, because he got yelled at for no introduction to everyone. Ahhhh. More importantly, I want my IWC. Ha!!!
  8. THE DC REVIEW: Patek 5130 World Time

    Thanks DC, you are a wonderful addition to this forum. We are blessed to have you mate!!
  9. blue but wait... who has the best subs? hahaha
  10. I think i need a IWC, BUT which one?

    McJules, I love them, you have great taste. Where did you acquire them, if you dont mind me asking (or can you push me in the right direction. ;) I myself am looking for an IWC. My first choice is the world timer pilot, but this 5007 is really growing on me. Sean
  11. THE DC REVIEW: Patek 5130 World Time

    DC !!! Wonderful post. Is Tim at watchfinder still around?
  12. IWC pilot worldtimer

    Hey, I am also curious about this. IWC Worldtimer. Or World time. I mean... if you said hi to everyone already. :)
  13. Nomos Zurich World Timer

    Did you ever get this? It is still beautiful.
  14. Omega Spectre Nato

    Anywhere man. Those are super common. Ebay for instance. Amazon. I have 2. (one with a silver buckle, one with black, flat matte color) Get yourself like a 10 pack of nato bands. They are amazing. The ones that are slightly off bonds colors are also super cool.