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  1. Is this a scam?

    Hey itzkr15! Website is not a scam. I've dealt with them before. You pay with your visa card, most likely your bank will think it's fraud, so you'll have to clear it with them right away. You won't get any QC pictures like from TDs here and you will get your watch in mail in about 7 days. The quality of a watch you'll receive is not that great. It's something our TDs have been selling a few years ago. Also, these guys offer two grades: lower- comes with 21 jewel movement, usually between $100 and $200 (fit and finish is just ok) higher-unknown; I have never bought this grade because I think it's ridiculously expensive at $600-700 (the same fit and finish as above and supposedly with swiss movement)? I am a fan of experimenting, even if I have to lose money, but if you are looking for a good product, check the list of Trusted Dealers. These guys probably won't take your money and run, but they don't have quality product. In fact, you would pay less for something like that on Canal St. perfectwatches.cn simply does not fit the bill. Maybe one day they will, maybe not.. Best of luck to you!
  2. Hello everybody !!

    Welcome Yannick!!!
  3. Hi from USA!

    Welcome aboard twopint!!!
  4. First purchase from Toro

    Got QC pics from Toro yesterday. The wait has officially started! Will post pics when I receive it.
  5. noobwatch.com

    Says the guy with ink all over his body... *sigh*
  6. noobwatch.com

    hey if that is what it takes to get you happy... a wife you do not need... Then what's your excuse? the Jets and the Giants suck LMAO Jets a bit more. Hotbird, by any chance you're a single 32 from Long Island? Lmao Sorry pal, not me
  7. my new omega seamaster 300m ceramic

    Congratulations!! It's a beautiful piece, indeed!
  8. noobwatch.com

    hey if that is what it takes to get you happy... a wife you do not need... Then what's your excuse? the Jets and the Giants suck LMAO Jets a bit more.
  9. noobwatch.com

    Lol Thanks Russ
  10. noobwatch.com

    I know 86sideways. It's probably their way of taking frustrations out because wives left them.
  11. noobwatch.com

    Yawn, thank you for your reply. This is ACTUAL answer to my question as oppose to all other replies. Forgive me if that information wasn't hard to find, I just didn't have luck finding it. I guess it's one of those days... Thanks again.
  12. noobwatch.com

    You guys really have toooo much time on your hands.... Sad.....
  13. noobwatch.com

    That's ok Afdaddy. No need to apologize. You speak that way only because you speak to me through the computer. If that wasn't the case, I certainly would have showed you which "street I came off". Just because someone joined here recently, it doesn't mean that they have absolutely no idea or no experience or no common sense. Yes, let's start over. This is hobby, not some political debate. Like I said before, if we can expand circles-why not? That's all..
  14. noobwatch.com

    Who said anything about buying??? You guys have to LEARN to READ. And yes, you are right that he could be some dude in WV taking peoples cash. If he's not, perhaps if he proves himself over and over and earns that privilege, maybe he can become TD and help us expand this community. On the other hand, if he doesn't, well..he can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.