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  1. What watch to get next, Blancpain vs Panerai

    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (especially the vintage, No Radiation dial one) is one of the BEST looking watches EVER. PAMs are good, but not at the same level in my opinion....and speaking about exclusivity, Blancpain is way more 'elite' than PAM. OF course, i'm italian and so here PANERAIs are relatively frequent, don't know if in US or other EU countries would be the same. B
  2. Hi from Italy!

    Benvenuto connazionale!
  3. Metal Hublot bracelet where the hell do you find them?

    I reup this thread to know which 'tool' should i use in order to FILE the ceramic bracelet. Many thanks.
  4. Metal Hublot bracelet where the hell do you find them?

    'Filed' the links would mean to use a specifi insturment to do so ? Unfortunately enough, it would not fitmy 48 mm HBB BLack King for a matter a fraction of millimeters...
  5. The Rolex Saga...The Myth

    Respect to Gianni, that was a GREAT italian....his style and understantment were legendary.
  6. New member from "the other side"...

    Welcome back, and remember to post more often !
  7. Regards from Slovenija

    Greetings from Italy buddy, Slovenia is a lovely country ! And this is a lovely addiction
  8. All Your Favorite WATCH CATALOGS - FREE!!!

    How is the Vacheron-Constantin catalogue ?
  9. Hublot- is it me?

    Honestly i agree, even if some models (Big Bang King Black, the Caviar ) are good enough.....the 90 % other models aren't that good, or classy. And i received the 2014 Ed. of the HUBLOT Catalogue. No history, no details...only photos. Seems like a VW Golf depliant, honestly. I've got the Chopard,the IWC, the A.LAnge & Sohne Catalogue....these are YEARS ABOVE the HUBLOT catalogue. And it's better not to mentiuon the Jaeger Le Coultre Catalogue, the BEST of the BEST. Edit: here you all can view the 2014 Ed. of the HUBLOT catalogue...judge yourself. http://www.hublot.com/pages/catalogue/ The JLC, Ulysse Nardin, IWC , A.Lange&Sohne catalogues are HArd-Cover books....which looks beautiful in my mahogany bookshelf. HUBLOT catalogues are for Maradona-like peoples ...just joking !
  10. Call me crazy, but I think I have enough

    The lack of Hublot just goes to show that this man has taste Quote, i myself have a 1:1 Big Bang King Black Magic Rep...and honestly is not so 'elite' like the gen price tag would suggest. Plus, yesterday i received the 2014 Hublot catalogue, and honestly it's one of the ugliest i ever received . I mean, look at Breguet, Blancpain, Patek Philipphe...those are watches!
  11. All Your Favorite WATCH CATALOGS - FREE!!!

    Yesterday the 2014 Edition of the HUBLOT Catalogue arrived in my home...until now, it's my least favourite...it seems to me too much 'bijouterie'....which is not pretty, considering Hublot's prices... The catalogue is exactly this -> http://www.hublot.com/pages/catalogue/ Cannot wait to receive the IWC and BREGUET catalogues !
  12. hello from Italy

    Ciao connazionale !
  13. @ Stuvetjee: Yours is the BEST reply: class and prestige, this is why i love Watches (and cars). As for smartwatches, please stop wioth these NERDY things. I've got smartphones, tablets, big TVs....please....come back to the Earth Stop with those screens !
  14. Hello from Greece

    Welcome Bill, this summer i was in Mykonos , wonderful place!
  15. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

    Wow, this with a shark mesh would be realky fantastic !