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  1. Day-Date 40 228206, Noob 1:1 Best, my first rep. Underwhelmed

    Enjoy your first and last watch from a TD... (check the brig at RWI guys) B
  2. Jeweller refused to pressure test

    I've never seen a small "mall shop" with a water tester... B
  3. Another classic rep, Skyland v2

    What size is this? B
  4. US customs seizure letter

    IGNORE with extreme prejudice!!!
  5. Shit happens :/

    EXACTLY!!!! B
  6. I downloaded mine - then closed my account. "Ransom" was my reason... B
  7. How do I replace a Sub Bezel?

    Determine if it's gen-spec type, or spring wire type first. Big difference... B
  8. Welcome, Sumpters Jewelry!

    Will they service movements...or are they just sales?
  9. Rolex Submariner v7 BK watch garage worth?

    They are not the same. BK implants a gen swiss ETA. As for the rest...it's up to you. You may get an outstanding sample from Marv. Like anything in this game - it's what you can live with!?!?
  10. The "post your Rolex" thread

    This is REALLY, REALLY nice. I think if I could only have one watch...a franken of this would be it! 16710 close second... B
  11. No matter what - VERY COOL!!! B
  12. Brilliant - have to get one of these!!! B
  13. RWI'/ current state - Information and updates

    I keep forgetting this is the "original" wild west RWG site. Maybe that's why a lot of us stay over at RWI...something between this site and the "knitting club"... B
  14. RWI'/ current state - Information and updates

    On a side note - this REALLY shows me how much time on RWI every day... B