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  1. $200 AUD, is it worth it?

    personally, I'd play it safe and stick to the TD's
  2. Anybody know if TD's are working on this?

    looks great, omega are also making a red and blue version too
  3. UK Customs

    yeah parcelfarce always stop my packages from the far east to charge VAT. You should get a slip in the post to pay online. shouldn't be anything to be worried about
  4. Crazy hours...please explain the appeal!!

    i think they're rather interesting. i did have a rep about two years ago, but it would jump hours about 10 minutes before it was supposed to making it difficult to tell the time lol.
  5. Great post. Planning a trip there myself at the end of the year
  6. Toro Special Offers.

    Some of these are at fantastic prices. And payday is tomorrow!
  7. The "What AP are you wearing today" Thread

    how long did your wear the watch. does it keep the gold plating? that was my first day wearing it, it only arrived about 3 days ago.
  8. Patek replica on the bay

    seems like hes flogging quite a few, hes got Cartier's and Tag's for sale aswell
  9. ok, if you think i made it up thats up to you i can only give you the proof that i had. for those that asked for the watches heres the watches i bought, a lot have been sold off to members of this forum after i found it in order to get higher quality stuff. not including the two Raymond weil's in the left cabinet the uboat is in the second cabinet at the bottom right. for those that said i didnt have the right amount of cash i started the evening with £100 after drinks and food i estimated that i had about fifty left. the garage door was an estimation. the pad thai was eat in, bay watch restaurant. on the top of beach road. about 5 mins walk to walking street looking at a map the taxi stopped off along south pattaya road. thats all the info i got. finally yes i am terrified of thai grandma's.
  10. sorry guys this happened a few years back, no pics. i went back to the same spot on my next trip there but the whole complex had been knocked down. as for prices they were roughly the same as most TD's
  11. hey fellas i thought i would share the craziest story of buying reps in Thailand. I've been visiting Thailand, to one particular gentleman in particular, to buy reps for over ten years now, the majority of the time he has got me exactly what i wanted or ive found them from other dealers. one particular night in Pattaya i was bar hopping with my father, at about midnight i decided to grab a quick bite to eat then back to the hotel, leaving him at the bar playing jenga with a bar girl. I got a pad thai from a small restaurant then started walking down one of the slip roads to the main street. As i got to the end of the road, i saw an old woman sitting on a chair holding a few watch catalogs. i stopped and had a quick look through while she asked me the usual 'where are you from' and 'how long are you staying in Thailand.' After a few minutes small talk she said the shop is a 3 minute taxi ride from where we were and asked if i would like to take a look. I declined saying its too late, mainly not wanting to get into a taxi with a stranger at quarter to 1 in the morning. she insisted and against my better judgement and too much booze, i agreed. Three minutes later we where there, we hopped out and she paid the driver. now wheres where shit gets weird. we started walking down a really dark alley way with garage doors on either side. we continued walking to the point of when i turned around to look at the road, it wasn't visible anymore. now im 6ft 8, so i look quite intimidating, but you hear about tourists getting stabbed and shot out here so i was starting to panic. i was getting ready for a group of men to jump out of the shadows and hold me for the roughly 50 quid in my pocket. i said to myself, if anything happens, give them your wallet then run. the woman stopped suddenly and my heart jumped into my throat. she turned to one of the garages and banged really loudly on the door. It opened about 50cm off the ground and a woman's head appeared from underneath. 'come this way please' she said not lifting the door any further than a meter. i ducked underneath to a simple 2 car garage filled with boxes of tourist t shirt tat 'i heart pattaya' for example. we continued walking to the end where there was another door. when she opened it, i could not believe what i saw. it was a very high end looking rep store. tiled floors, spotlights, air conditioning, proper jewelry counters. everything was ordered into brands. it looked very similar to the pic at the bottom of the post. there were two customer assistants wearing suits greeting me when i entered. the store was split into three, bags and purses on the left, watches in the middle and pens sunglasses and other accessories on the right. i thought i found rep heaven. since i had limited funds on me, i purchased one watch, Uboat Flight deck, after a short haggle we agreed on the price and she boxed it up, placed it into a bag and then hands me a printed receipt saying 'if you ever have any issues please come back and we'll fix it for you'. i walked out the same way i walked in, with the biggest smile on my face not believing what just happened. i returned the next day in the morning with my dad. i spent £1200 on watches just to give you an idea, this is what the place looked like. i didn't want to take photos while i was there, some shops get a bit funny about it
  12. Afrowillsons watch colection (PIC HEAVY)

    thanks, if you seen the pics with two full cases, most of them have been sold on or in the process of being sold, so they wont be added it to the collection list. AP MH arrived this morning and added to the list