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  1. DC, Very nice work!!! Now I understand why there is a sunken dial and how they make it work.
  2. 5130 - loose screw question

    Thanks! I unscrewed the back and put the screw back. I tightened the other 3 around the periphery of the watch, two were OK, the 3rd one had almost half a turn to be tightened. I have not found the retention tab. I put everything back and it is working. I cannot see anything loose in it. I have not found the other "loose screw" yet, maybe it lost with my marbels...
  3. I have the rep for more than a half year, it worked very nicely. A week ago sudenly stopped. When I looked it I realized that one of the screw got loose and wedged between the watch body and one of the gear, see photo below: You can see it from the back, the screw is around the one hour position, the screw hole is around the two hour position: My question is the back of this watch is a screwed type, is it? Thanks,
  4. THE DC REVIEW: Patek 5130 World Time

    Thanks DC for the great review. I just ordered one from Tim.
  5. 5130g - any review?

    Here we are: http://watchfinder.phanfare.com/6895472 I am still waiting for DC's review, before I decide to buy it or not (thanks DC in advance!).
  6. 5130g - any review?

    "Amazing watch, and im not sure what you mean about sunken dial...." On the rep (I know this is a rep with 1/100th cost vs. original), the 24 hour dial is lower than the inner and outer dial face, on the original all three are in level.
  7. 5130g - any review?

    Yes, please. I am still thinking about buying one. Thanks,
  8. 5130g - any review?

    Hi, I was looking at 5130g and 5130r from Fat Panda, but I don't like the sunken dial. I saw couple of pictures from DC wearing it, it stil looks weird. DC, will you do any review of this watch in the near future? Thanks,
  9. This is what I used: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-arrival-Universal-Watch-Band-Pin-Remover-watch-chain-bracelet-regulator-watchband-adjustment-tool/32304766619.html
  10. Here is the link and pin, if somebody interested:
  11. Photobucket 101

    I have these option on Photobucket, no IMG anymore: Email & IM HTML Embed Flash Embed Slideshow Story Story Embed Which one should I use?
  12. Thanks, I got it. The problem was that the travel of the crown on its axis is very small. But I figured it out how to do it, now I screwed it down (back). Thanks for your help.
  13. Robeng, Thanks, will do as you say. Now I have an other question. When I got the watch the crown was fully screwed in. I unscrewed anti-clockwise to adjust the time, but now I cannot get the crown back to the original position. I pushed back it fully, but it is still out by 1mm. If I turn the crown clockwise I can feel that I am winding the watch up (feel the spring), if I turn it anti-clockwise it just freely turning. I do not dare to turn further clockwise, I do not want to break the winding spring. What should I do? Thanks,
  14. Martijn, Thanks, I think I understand what you saying. Thank you for your help.
  15. I just got my PP Nautilus with Miyota movement and the braclet is to big for me. I want to remove 2 links on each side. I watched couple of videos on the internet and got the tool to push out the braclet pin. But there is no mark showing which way the pin should go out and if I look at the holes on both side with the pin in it, I am not sure which is the rounded or the flat side (split end). According to the video, I should push out from the rounded side. I would appreciate any advice, letting me know which way I should push the pin out. Thanks,