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  1. Miami GTG

    Hey now, the 75-85* mornings from 5am to 8am are nice, then it gets a little warm.
  2. Rolex Mania - Reps Vs Gens!

    Black Daytona. Green Bezel Sub. That black Daytona Glows like a boss. If it's a Rep, with that vibrant Red "DAYTONA" over the subdial @6, then fuck me, that's a good rep... I almost said the White Daytona and Green Bezel Sub. But that Black daytona is SOOOO crisp, I changed my mind.
  3. Rolex Copy--What Dealer???

    Glad you got it sorted. As you are new, please if there are any issues, send a MOD a Private Message. DO NOT Post QC Photos. DO NOT Make a Complaint Post. DO NOT Take action in PayPal. Do Nothing until you've discussed whatever possible grievance you may have, with a Moderator. Enjoy, We expect photos WHEN IT ARRIVES ... and be prepared for the 2-3week travel time.
  4. Rolex Copy--What Dealer???

    Do you want: a Rolex Replica? a Rolex Looking Watch (Genuine Homage in the Rolex sub style?) a Rolex Replica without the Rolex Name? There are a few options for each. Especially if you are into 42mm sized watches. Then it is EASY. 42mm GMT style Watches that are Quality Gens and look Rolex-ish: Squale - http://www.gnomonwatches.com/watches/squale-watches/30-atmos-horizon-gmt-ceramica-limited-edition Steinhart - http://www.gnomonwatches.com/watches/steinhart-watches/ocean-1-gmt-black-ceramic Steinhart - http://www.gnomonwatches.com/watches/steinhart-watches/ocean-titanium-500-gmt-premium
  5. If Rolex Made the DSSD in Bronze

    They also make an oversized Rolex 5508 style NOCG sub with and without numerals.... But at 43.5mm it's a little large for me.
  6. Not even the most expensive Rolex. I thought you meant the $13million Zerographe.
  7. Miami GTG

    I work out of broward county
  8. Does anyone actually own this rep?

    Bvlgari make some cool watches... That being said, I've never seen a Rep'd OCTO. Only the uglier round ones.
  9. If we needed to war for independence today, the USA would never have started. We'd have been lulled into believing that G.Washington was a psychotic "Right wing conspiricist" and that poor ol' King George III, was the best ever! I wish we were so anxious to take up arms for minor slights... Imagine fighting the entire British empire over 1% tax on our tea... Maybe we were Psychotic... FUCK it! USA USA USA!
  10. One for the missus

    Even sturhling has an exact copy. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stuhrling-Womens-530-11EW3-Leisure-Ceramic-Glamour-White-Ceramic-Bracelet-Watch-/141446351076?epid=1321650475&hash=item20eedc08e4:g:WBAAAOSwa-dWn~D8
  11. Dirt Cheap Tissot

    How about this one for $269.... https://www.massdrop.com/buy/glycine-combat-7-automatic-watch
  12. B&R - Out of fashion or not great reps?

    That's lovely. If it were a 40mm instead of 43mm I'd have bought one already. I just can't do the size. :(
  13. B&R - Out of fashion or not great reps?

    I really want a BR126 Aeronvale....
  14. Thoughts on Sinn watches?

    I really like SINN and have been tempted to get one in the past, but always end up with something else. Especially those Navitimer like ones.
  15. Glycine's are a Steal now because they are liquidating the GOOD designs to usher in Invicta's abominations.