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  1. Gentle, I didn't have this issue, most likely due to the movement being well out of power. Let me take it back apart and detail what you described. I will add the edit this weekend.
  2. Good Morning! Ever wanted more height out of your pinion? Ever longed to be longer? Ever wanted the thick hour shaft to be a little higher to clear the dial hole? Well you're in luck you pervs. Here we go. Step 1. - Remove the hands and dial to reveal the Asian 2836 clone movement. Here you see the dial side. Remove one screw here to remove this plate. (Plate slides towards crown then comes out easy.) The brass colored wheel in the center is the hour pinion. Step 2. Remove the hour and minute pinion wheels and associated gears. They all slide off. (From my research the standard height in 2836 is an H4. 2824s use H3 as the standard heights). Step 3. Flip her over and remove the auto-weight. It's one screw, I don't need to walk you through that. Once removed you will see this: Step 4. Remove the two black screws and then lift the auto winding gear train off. Step 5. After you remove the winding gear train, you will have a manual wind 2836 on your hands. Next remove these two bright screws to remove the plate that holds the second pinion, among others. Step 6. Remove the gear that winds the barrel. You now be able to remove the second pinion gear (Center) Step 7. Replace the H4 Pinion with an H6 pinion and re-attach the plate holding these gears in place. BE SURE TO GET ALL THE PINS BACK IN THE JEWELS! There are 4 in this one plate. Now reverse everything back up. Nothing difficult from here back. Hope this helps. Here are some photos of the H4 vs H6 Minute and Hour Hands as well.
  3. REP OR GEN,

    My only "tell" is case dimension. If it's 39mm you're probably good.
  4. REP OR GEN,

    If you buy it, use paypal and a credit card. It doesn't look bad. If it's a great deal, get it. Model: WV211B-0 Looks like the SN: FS4818 ?? Bracelet has laser markings which is a good sign.
  5. REP OR GEN,

    I scaled the backshot as well and it came out closer to the genuine size. The only way to know for sure is to take a set of calipers to it. Sorry man.
  6. REP OR GEN,

    I overlayed a similar GEN photograph and scaled the case width to match the above photos, and the 39mm Gen ended up with a wider lug spacing, indicating I had to scale it up from 39mm to match this one. Also, the gen scaled to 40mm (I'm assuming the bezel protrudes slightly from the case) using the same technique.
  7. REP OR GEN,

    So I put it into a PDF editor, Aligned the lugs (20mm) and measured accross a central line. Scales at 42mm. I'm gonna go REP. Good luck.
  8. The «Is this a replica?» thread

    The hands on that look like the $40 Explorer I bought. Not crisp like my 16570.
  9. REP OR GEN,

    I'm pretty sure the REPLICAS are 41mm and the Genuine Cal5's are 39mm. I searched for a 39mm version of this watch (well the newer version) and everything was listed as 41mm. Replicas use the same case for this and the day/date version which is a 41mm gen. So have him put some calipers to it. 39mm = Genuine Likely. 41mm = Replica Likely.
  10. It's a great Value in Swiss Autos. you can find them for $400ish on the used market. Look for Alpina Alpiner (Note the date at 6. and straight-crown.) This is the 41mm version and is only 10mm thick. The other versions are a bit wider. The strap is from Crown&Buckle US Made Line of Leather Natos.... also it's a 20mm strap on the 21mm lugs of the Alpina. CHEERS!
  11. Which one to buy????

    Maybe black is harder to source because it's older? Maybe white isn't as popular? Maybe the Bentley versions are ugly as shit? All of these are equally viable reasons for the prices.
  12. So I'm out and about with my Alpina Alpiner 41mm Grey Dial, Rose gold Swiss Auto.... and I lose a springbar! Here it is before the springbar Popped... It is so clean, shiny and beautiful. AND AFTER........ Since it's on a NATO, the other spring bar holds it on my wrist. I'm wearing it again today with NO scratches/dings/dents because I use NATO Straps. :bestsub: ^^^^ WHERE IS MY BESTSUB
  13. Put it on a proper NATO strap and ditch that CLUNKY MEtal Shit!
  14. Just got a package!

    The waiting is THE WORST. I've often told myself "Self, if you could have received the package two weeks earlier, you would have paid a few dollars more!" And so I did.